• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Why should you take up archery?

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 13, 2022

Archery sounds like something that will only come in handy if you magically travel back to the 10th century? Archery, being of immense historical importance, is not something that should be read only in the history of warfare.

As a student, we often feel sleepy in class and sometimes find it hard to concentrate with so much annoying background music. Well, that’s where the archery bow comes in like a magic wand. An archer concentrates on his distant target, ignoring the environment, the wind, and honing this skill is like a lottery in student life and ensures success in practical professional life.

Archery also improves your hand-eye coordination. It trains your hands to work based on feedback from your eyes. This skill improves your academic abilities, as good hand-eye coordination allows you to write quickly and can also be useful in stressful management tasks.

Similar to weight lifting, archery requires you to hold the bow firmly for a few minutes before releasing it, creating tension in your muscles which leads to their development. Constantly practicing archery makes it easy for you to contract and relax your muscles, eventually increasing your upper strength.

Archer also helps in overcoming respiratory disorders like asthma as he also practices breathing. Archers can hold their breath and release it while shooting their arrow, reducing their reliance on inhalers.

Now, archery is recommended in many rehab centers for people with serious mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder. According to a PTSD archer, archery takes his mind off things and gives him a sense of accomplishment by doing something he actually has control over. Even for a normal person, archery helps in peaceful meditation and is a great way to release unwanted stress.

Although this article appears to be an advert for an archery club, it was just written to highlight the importance of this forgotten sport!