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Weaver ranked 3rd in state for elementary archery | Local News

ByMary M. Ward

Mar 17, 2022

As archery continues to grow in popularity in Kentucky, a local school holds the bragging rights of one of the best elementary level archers in the state.

Bella Weaver, a 5th grader at Campground Elementary, was one of many Laurel County students who qualified for the state archery championship in Louisville last weekend.

Daughter of Whitney and Ashley Weaver, this Year 5 student was ranked 3rd in the Elementary Division across the Commonwealth, with a score of 275, falling just short of a perfect 300.

The state competition involved team members shooting three rounds from 10 yards and 15 yards, with scores tabulated for the overall score.

Weaver said she has been shooting archery for four years and loves the sport which is growing in popularity across the state.

“You get your score by shooting bubbles (marks) at the target,” she said. “You earn medals for your scores.”

Weaver and the other 23 archery team qualifiers were treated to a parade around the school on Thursday afternoon, escorted by fire engines from the campground fire department and cheered on by students and staff.

“We’re really proud of them,” Principal Likins said. “The parade is a farewell for them as they leave for the state competition on Friday.”

Campground Elementary archery coach Whitney Weaver said he was proud of the students from Campground and other schools who qualified for the state competition.

“I also coach archery at North Middle and North High schools,” he said. “We also have several elementary teams going to the state – Bush, Keavy, Hunter Hills, Wyan-Pine Grove, East Bernstadt and I think London has a team competing as well. Archery is growing in the school system and in the state and we are proud to see students succeed in this area as well.”

Contest results were not available at press time Tuesday night.