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Vaccination rate reaches 65.8% – IMIESA

ByMary M. Ward

Oct 18, 2021

Virologist expected more infections and no big flu waves

in this one fall so far at most a slight increase in corona infections is expected to accelerate considerably over the next few months. This is the forecast Olivier Keppler , director of the department of virology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. “With the fall and winter ahead, we have to assume that the infection rate is going to worsen dramatically. Our life moves inward “, said the scientist from the German News Agency.

The virologist does not recommend a new hardening of the corona measures: “Basically in this phase of the pandemic we have to try to relax in various areas to see what is justifiable and where hygiene measures or testing can be kept as a guarantee. “

” But we have overall a good vaccination quota – this is the central element – much recovered, a high quality testing infrastructure and yes, also a good understanding of the routes of transmission of the virus. Of course, situation-related protective measures are also included. “The latter includes hygiene experts, for example, not shaking hands. Flu wave forward. “I don’t expect a severe flu season,” Keppler said . “The flu moves alternately from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere and back” – always during the respective winter semester. But influenza viruses around the world have been repelled by corona hygiene measures. “In the southern hemisphere, there have been virtually no infections for two consecutive winters. So I consider it unlikely that the virus will penetrate us effectively in the coming winter, ”Keppler said. “Covid – 19 must also Our main objective will be this winter. “

However, Keppler’s opinion is that the probably relatively relaxed situation with influenza should not be a reason for those at risk to be reckless: “Anyone to whom the Standing Committee on Immunization has recommended influenza vaccination in previous years should be vaccinated as before. “ This includes people over the age of 60, pregnant women, previously ill people and medical personnel.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) called on Germans to get the flu shot in large numbers this fall. Because there was hardly any flu in Germany last year As a result of the partial containment, the risk of an influenza epidemic this year is all the higher, he said recently. According to the Robert Koch Institute, our immune systems may be less well prepared for the flu viruses to come due to the failure of the flu epidemic. (dpa)

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