• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

USA archery team on target at the 2022 Paralympic World Archery Championships

February 22, 2022

DUBAI – Competition kicked off this morning at the 2022 Paralympic World Archery Championships, which took place at the Dubai Club for People of Determination. Team USA fielded a big roster of stellar talent and the compound open archers took the field first for qualifying and preliminary matches.

2016 Paralympic champion Andre Shelby and reigning world archery champion Ben Thompson qualified 11and and 12and with 669 and 666 respectively. Defending bronze medalist Matt Stutzman suffered an equipment failure, and with equipment failures recently abolished from the competition, he missed most of the first two ends of the half back , going from 15and at 54and with a 600.

After a solid 143-123 first-round win over Kazakhstan’s Arlan Ateibekov, Stutzman met Shelby on the line. They tied with 29 on the board for the first three ends. Then Stutzman took the lead with a 28 to 26 for Shelby and Stutzman took the win 143-141. Thompson picked up a 143-126 win over Canadian Kevin Evans and he and Stutzman will upgrade to 1/16and round.

Stutzman commented, “I hate shooting Andre, it’s like flipping a coin. I was able to work it out with my release and that gives me confidence for the rest of this event.”

Dubai launches the new mixed doubles event, which in addition to the mixed team competition, includes teams of two archers of the same sex, replacing the team event of three archers and allowing more countries to participate in the team competitions. Shelby and Thompson seeded 5and for the United States

In the compound women’s open ranking event, Erev King and Martha Chavez were 25and and 26and with 632 correspondents and Wendy Gardner ranked 29and with 618. Together, King and Chavez sit 8and for the team event and King and Shelby are 10and for the mixed team bracket.

The three women are qualified for the 1/16and elimination round individually after Gardner crushed a 133-95 first-round win, while Chavez and King had byes.

Competition resumes tomorrow with all compound team events through to the semi-finals. The medal games will be broadcast live from Friday to Sunday via World Archery Television. The live results of the competition are available on the World Archery website.