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Teen Wolf: 10 strongest human characters, ranked

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 4, 2021


Teen wolf is filled to the brim with powerful supernatural figures capable of leaping through the air and sending enemies flying with their powers or just their might. Typically, humans are the people the supernatural heroes in the show need to protect. However, it’s clear from the first episode that humans are not to be underestimated.

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A large number of Teen wolfHumans are incredibly strong and are capable of winning any fight they get into. Their strength can come from their wit, skill or bravery. Either way, they don’t need supernatural powers or emissary knowledge to be strong.

ten Melissa McCall

Melissa, Scott’s mother, is more of the healer of the pack than a warrior. As a nurse, she is not very interested in battles and is often incapacitated whenever she finds herself in a dangerous situation. However, if it hadn’t been for her resilience as a nurse, hard work under all circumstances, but especially in a town like Beacon Hills, the pack would likely have been long dead.

Melissa has a few moments to fight her enemies, including when she attacks Alphas Aidan and Ethan with a defibrillator to save her son. Additionally, Melissa is the single mother of a werewolf, a role that demands a lot of mental and emotional strength.

9 Mason Hewitt

While he is a pipe dream in season 5, Mason is human for most of the series. Mason is strong, but not the strongest. However, he’s incredibly smart and acts like the seeker of the pack. He’s also brave, humorously charging a deadly and towering berserker with a small bat in order to save his friends.

He is the only one who can see his boyfriend’s camouflaged form, and no one knows how he is able to do it. It also appears that Mason is on his way to becoming an emissary, which shows how smart he is when it comes to supernatural entities.

8 Coach Bobby Finstock

Coach doesn’t really get involved in the main gang’s fight against evil. However, the fact that he managed to survive the events of the series for six seasons, while training lacrosse in high school, is a feat in itself. Lacrosse games are often the occasion for life-threatening events, so the coach clearly has the courage to return to the field every time.

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He also helps Liam defend himself against the hunters in season six and even attacks another hunter with a lacrosse stick, saving Jackson’s life. Plus, he literally gets shot with an arrow in Season 3 and manages to survive while making some hilarious jokes. It takes strength.

7 Tamora monroe

An image of Tamora Monroe talking to Scott McCall in Teen Wolf

Tamora is coming to the show quite late in its final season, so viewers aren’t really able to see how strong she is. However, she becomes a power-hungry hunter in Teen wolf and is Gérard Argent’s protege, which shows how competent and ruthless she can be.

She is able to infiltrate the school as a guidance counselor and turn all of Beacon Hills against supernatural creatures, something no hunter has ever been able to do before. The fact that she doesn’t have to fight but that she can manipulate others into fighting for her, makes her a very strong and imposing threat.

6 Stiles Stilinksi

An image of Stiles holding a baseball bat in Teen Wolf

He’s referred to as “skinny” and “helpless,” but Stiles is wise beyond his years, and over the course of the series he’s able to outsmart powerful creatures and hunters. He even outwits an immortal being of pure chaos who had been feeding off him for months.

Stiles was even able to physically fight a wendigo, although it certainly wasn’t easy for him. While he’s generally not good at fighting, that doesn’t stop him from trying, as the baseball bat he often wears has practically become a part of his character. He is not afraid to fight for the pack despite his defenseless build, which arguably makes him stronger than other supernatural beings in the pack.

5 Sheriff Noah Stilinksi

Teen Wolf sheriff Noah Stilinski in his office

Sheriff Stilinksi has ignored the supernatural for nearly three seasons, so it’s admirable that he’s able to survive the number of supernatural attacks Beacon Hills has faced. In addition, he often had to run into the fire to protect others, since he is the sheriff. He is skilled with a gun and, like his son, is good at both research and investigation.

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Despite his lack of skills in fighting the supernatural, Sheriff Stilinski is still capable of helping the pack overcome the evil between them. His one-on-one against the Nogitsune and Oni in Season 3 showcases his strength brilliantly.

4 Allison Silver

An image of Allison smiling at Scott in Teen Wolf

Alison is more than Scott’s love interest. One of her main motivations is that she wants to be strong, and she succeeds. She goes from knowing very little about the supernatural in the first season to being the leader of the Argents in the third. She was good at archery and later learned to use daggers and other hunting equipment. She is also trained in gymnastics and martial arts.

She’s not quite the strongest human on the show because, while she is incredibly strong, she gets killed in a fight with the Oni. Still, she managed to save the lives of her friends with her sacrifice, so viewers can’t ignore her bravery.

3 Gerard d’Argent

An image of Gérard Argent standing in a warehouse in Teen Wolf

Given his old age, Gerard is incredibly strong. He’s able to easily capture people and beat Stiles, and is skilled enough with a sword to cut a werewolf in half. But more than physical strength, Gerard is strong how scary he is.

He can easily command a room and is also a master manipulator, playing both the heroes and villains of the series against each other for his own gain. This allows him to acquire a kanima in season two and take control of Beacon Hills in season 6. In the end, he is killed by the werejaguar Kate, but the impression he leaves behind remains. .

2 Chris Silver

A picture of Chris Argent looking serious in Teen Wolf

Chris Argent has been a hunter all his life and therefore honed his skills in the use of multiple weapons. He’s also smart, as he’s able to use tactical maneuvers to outwit his supernatural opponents, and because of that he’s been able to fight a multitude of creatures throughout the series.

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He also has a strong character, because although he was raised to hate all werewolves, he decides to question this belief and becomes one of the main heroes of the series. Finally, Chris is the only known surviving member of the Argent family, which arguably makes him the strongest of all modern Argentes.

1 Marie-Jeanne Valet

Crystal Reed as Marie Jean in Teen Wolf

Marie-Jeanne was the 18th century ancestor of the Argent family. In flashbacks, she is revealed to be an incredibly talented hunter and leader. Although Marie-Jeanne does not have the weapons or knowledge of modern characters, this makes her the strongest character. She managed to defeat the Beast of Gévaudan, arguably the most powerful villain in the entire series, on her own, with only a “simple spear”.

What made the battle even harder for her was that she was fighting her own brother. But after years of grueling work, she managed to defeat him, and thus became the symbol of hunters and strong humans everywhere.

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