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Target Review #1 – But Why? A community of geeks

ByMary M. Ward

Jun 21, 2022
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Young Justice: Targets #1 is written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by Christopher Jones, colored by Jason Wright, and lettered by Wes Abbott. It is published by DC Comics. Two months after the events of Young Justice: Ghosts, the superhero community is rocked by the kidnapping of Queen Perdita of Vlatava, who has been friends with many heroes and even more Beast Boy. With Green Arrow and Black Canary out of commission, various superhero teams, including Beast Boy’s Outsiders, spring into action to rescue Perdita.

When young justice returning for its third season, many fans hoped for a continuation of the tie-in comics as they helped flesh out the world of Earth-16. A big part of what made it a must-attend event is that Weisman, who is co-showrunner and co-creator of young justice, also wrote these comics. With Targetshe crafts a story that pays homage to the spy setup that powers the series and his first DC animated work – he scripted a green arrow animated short featuring Oliver Queen saving Perdita from being murdered by her evil uncle, Count Vertigo. The fact that Queen and Black Canary have an extended fight streak alongside Bowhunter Security – led by his former sidekick, Will Harper/Red Arrow – shows that Weisman still loves Emerald Archer.

Jones also had his own journey, as he began illustrating the Young Justice tie-in series and eventually landed storyboard editing work on Ghosts. This is reflected in his art, which has a more streamlined and animated look. A key example occurs during the fight scene between the Arrow family and the trio of armored attackers snatching Perdita. When Clayface, now a member of Bowhunter Security, springs into action, it looks like he’s literally sinking into his clay form. Likewise, when Green Arrow and Red Arrow pull off one of their signature moves, it looks like Green Arrow is leaping into the air. Wright’s bright colors and Abbott’s bold lettering, which punch up Black Canary’s sonic scream and Arsenal’s laser arm, really make this series feel like part of the Young Justice universe.

A The bonus story focuses on Will Harper, revealing a mission from his past and his burning desire to protect Perdita. It continues the ghosts tribute to pay tribute to the ten-year history of young justice and more or less confirms that Targets is Red Arrow’s “story arc”. Additionally, Weisman ensured that each issue featured a similar “memoir” focusing on Young Justice’s past, which I think is a great approach as it adds to the story of this world.

Young Justice: Targets #1 continues the momentum of Young Justice: Ghosts with a story that draws on espionage and the emotional elements that drive the series. With future issues planned to cover all corners of Earth-16, young justice fans will no doubt want to pick up on this series. Hopefully the interest in the series will convince Warner Bros. Discovery to greenlight the fifth season of Young justice.

Young Justice: Targets #1 is currently available for reading on the DC Infinite Universe app and will be available in print on July 26, 2022.

Young Justice: Targets #1


Young Justice: Targets #1 continues the momentum of Young Justice: Ghosts with a story that draws on espionage and the emotional elements that drive the series.