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Students participate in the Charles Co. Middle School archery tournament

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 24, 2021


Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) hosted their 2021 College Archery Tournament on November 19 at Milton M. Somers College. Archers from the county’s public colleges participated, divided by grade level into teams of boys and girls. The best boys and girls archers by level were recognized, as well as all the teams.

Dacari Martin, a seventh grade student at Mattawoman Middle School, lines up the arrow with the target during the Charles County Public Schools Middle School Archery Tournament.

Best archers:

  • Rylie Rich, sixth grade, Piccowaxen Middle School, 139 points.
  • Chandler Robinson, sixth grade, Matthew Henson Middle School, 144 points.
  • Aubriana Harrington, seventh year, Henson, 133 points.
  • Colton Scott, seventh year, Henson, 104 points.
  • Devin Embrey, eighth grade, Henson, 104 points.
  • Mason Truesdell, eighth grade, Piccowaxen, 160 points.

Team winners are also chosen at each grade level. The following teams won first, second or third place:

Marli Vaccaro, front, a seventh grade student at Theodore G. Davis Middle School, prepares to hit the target during the CCPS Middle School Archery Tournament at Milton Middle School Mr. Somers.

Sixth grade girls:

  • Theodore G. Davis, first place, 199 points.
  • Henson, second place, 187 points.
  • Piccowaxen, third place, 182 points.

Sixth grade boys:

  • Piccowaxen, first place, 272 points.
  • Henson, second place, 225 points.
  • Davis, third place, 150 points.

Seventh grade girls:

  • Henson, first place, 244 points.
  • Somers, second year, 155 points.
  • Davis, third, 137 points.
Tamahri Cannaday, seventh-grade student at Matthew Henson Middle School, right, reviews his score with Chris Brown, physical education teacher at Henson, and Pat Ganter, center, physical education teacher at Piccowaxen middle school.

Seventh grade boys:

  • Somers, first place, 186 points.
  • Henson, second place, 179 points.
  • Davis, third, 149 points.

Eighth grade girls:

  • Henson, first place, 182 points.
  • Davis, second place, 162 points.
  • Piccowaxen, third place, 157 points.

Eighth grade boys:

  • Piccowaxen, first place, 304 points.
  • Davis, second place, 253 points.
  • Henson, third, 244 points.
Emily Cooley, a seventh grade student at General Smallwood Middle School, prepares for the college archery tournament.

Grand team totals:

  • Henson, 1261 points.
  • Piccowaxen, 1,137 points.
  • Davis, 1050 points.
  • Somers, 891 points.
  • Smallwood, 400 points.
  • Mattawoman, 310 points.