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Sodapoppin reacts with pride as he hits a target in the woods

ByMary M. Ward

Oct 24, 2021


While on a camping trip with his dad, popular Twitch streamer Sodapoppin aka Thomas Chance Morris managed to hit a target with an arrow.

Sodapoppin is known to play a variety of games and usually only goes live for chatting. American Twitch streamer with over 3.1 million subscribers took advantage of lots of fun bonding activities with his dad, such as fishing, sitting by a campfire, and archery .

The streamer is known to have versatile interests and he decided to broadcast live on this trip. During the flow, he showed his skills with a bow and arrows, and while shooting arrows at a target bag, he landed a target.

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After firing, he headed for the target to confirm where he landed the arrow. Upon hitting the target, the audience saw that there were two arrows in the target. One of them was completely off-center and the other was on target.

Approaching the target, he explains to the audience that the arrow that is off target was broken before he shot the clip. He says ignore the left arrow.

Examining the arrow on the target, he claims that it hit the target, but was slightly to the left and not neutral. These clips show how Sodapoppin has diverse tastes and interests and its penchant for making a difference by delivering content that is not just related to games.

A comment from a Reddit user pointed out that the bow used by Sodapoppin was a compound arrow. The redditor also said that he also enjoys the hobby and that it was something he wanted to get back to practicing.

Sodapoppin is one of the most well-known faces on Twitch and Youtube. It has a strong audience on these two platforms and is regularly found streaming and downloading content. Over the years, he has garnered 360 million views on his Twitch channel and around 380 million views on YouTube.

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