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Skyrim player lands sick archery shots at Valtheim Tower

ByMary M. Ward

Feb 7, 2022

With proven precision, Skyrim the u/walter-fring player landed a series of superb archery shots through Whiterun’s Valtheim Tower.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has one of the most satisfying archery mechanics built into the game. Bows and arrows are probably the most useful ranged weapons a player can have, whether fighting bandits or fighting dragons .

Of course, as useful as archery is, it also lends itself to some pretty impressive shots. One Redditor, u/walter-fring, knows this all too well. Aiming at bandits across the river and cliffs, u/walter-fring clears Valtheim Tower with skilled snipers.

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In a video originally posted on r/Skyrim subreddit, u/walter-fring headed east from Whiterun to take on the Valtheim Tower bandits. The Norse Tower, which normally resides above the area’s main river, is home to a small camp of enemy bandits. Usually, players can just pay the bandits a toll to get free tower reign – but u/walter-fring had other ideas.

Equipped with Auriel’s bow and a quiver full of dragonbone arrows, u/walter-fring stealthily rained down a storm of arrows on the bandits. Aiming an arrow at the sky, they cut down the other bandits before the sky arrow finally hit its target.

After pinning two bandits across the river, u/walter-fring then used the Whirlwind spring to jump from their vantage point. They landed on a platform right next to another bandit, but a quick pacification spell made them non-hostile. With the watch pacified, u/walter-fring then blasted the remaining guard with a powerful fire rune.

Runic spells are normally limited by a specific distance, but u/walter-fring came prepared. By using an item called Ahzidal’s Helm of Vision, they were able to increase the range of their runes. Thus, following a direct hit from the fire rune, the last guard fell and the tower was cleared.

Of course, this kind of archery skill only comes with lots of practice. u/walter-fring had pointed out that it actually took several tries to properly align the sky-arrow snipe. However, once they landed, everything was fine from there. It’s incredibly satisfying to see such a clean bandit camp!

To see more awesome trick shots from u/walter-fring, check out their YouTube channel. Other, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available to play on PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

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