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Series Funniest Characters, Ranked

ByMary M. Ward

Sep 1, 2022

Returning for a 13th season, the animated comedy series Archer had quite a few thrills and lots of laughs. There’s a great cast of characters, and each of them stands out with a distinct personality and humor. Whether it’s vulgar commentary, witty comebacks, or just silly catchphrases, this animated adult comedy has it all.

There is a long story to go through with the characters of Archer. The team may seem at odds most of the time, but deep down they’re not just disgruntled colleagues. They are friends, and the humor they have is only enriched by the way they treat each other.


9 Lana Kane

As a deuteragonist of Archer series, Lana Kane is Sterling Archer’s love interest and primary contender to be a master spy. Since Lana takes her job very seriously, she usually doesn’t have time for jokes, especially when her co-workers ridicule themselves and the agency they’re trying to defend.

Gifted with a strong will and a very angry temperament, Lana will not hesitate to resort to physical violence to resolve what is bothering her. Some of her funniest moments are when she punches another character or uses her mind to verbally attack them.

8 Cyril Figgis

Most of the humor in Cyril’s character comes from how he is such an easy target for other characters to ridicule and humiliate, most of them unbeknownst to Cyril. He is the definition of a business man, who prioritizes his accounting, and the rules to be respected.

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Cyril’s funniest moments come from his lack of confidence and fear. When wielding a gun, Cyril is often frightened, and even more so when he can’t help but pull the trigger. Cyril is the punching bag of the group, but comes with his humorous charm.

seven Barry Dillon

Few characters in Archer have bizarre character development like Barry Dillon. Barry was an ordinary human with a loving wife, who then lost his wife, then his humanity. Currently Barry is a cyborg, but has been the central antagonist of the Archer series for many years. There’s a lot of conflict in Barry’s character, as his hatred for Sterling Archer is hilarious, as are his friends in later years.

There’s a horrifying sadism in Barry’s love of murder and torture. Barry also seems to suffer from a split personality, where he refers to himself as “Barry” and “Other Barry”. He’s played for jokes on the show, and that, coupled with his violent tendencies, makes for a set of intimidating and hilarious scenes.

6 Ray Gillette

There’s a lot of good nature in the character of Ray Gillette. He is very optimistic, even very sarcastic, even after being crippled from the waist down several times. Ray goes out of his way to help his friends, and his high level of sass is emblematic of the Archer series.

Ray’s humor comes in the form of his sarcastic remarks and his often secretive life, such as the time he spent agency funding to hire a Malaysian slave boy. He doesn’t mind lying to his friends and colleagues, and whenever they find out, it’s always humorous.

5 Malory Archer

As Sterling Archer’s mother and head of the agency where the characters work, Malory Archer is a wonderful character, given a hilarious performance by the late, great Jessica Walter. Malory was ripe with harsh criticism for her employees, including being her son’s harshest critic, which created hilarious scenes in Sterling’s childhood.

Malory Archer is tough and ruthless, with the secret past of a brilliant spy. He’s a hilarious character who will cheat, lie, sacrifice others, seduce, and cast flippant prejudice against the Irish. Malory is also quite an alcoholic, but sees no problem having a bottle of spirits a day.

4 Pam Poovey

This may shock fans of Archer series to remember that Pam Poovey was the agency’s director of human resources. Pam would frequently gossip to others about personal information they had shared through her blog. Pam is extremely violent, and even more sexual. She’s everything an HR manager shouldn’t be, which makes her even funnier.

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Part of Pam’s charm comes from her incredible strength and how she never falters, even when tortured or threatened with guns. She also managed to develop an extremely dangerous cocaine addiction, just two days after becoming a drug dealer. She has great one-liners and comebacks throughout the series.

3 Cheryl Tunt

Being with Cheryl is like being with a ticking time bomb. She exhibits a dangerous level of psychotic behavior, as well as emotional outbursts that make her demand to be hurt or to hurt others. She comes from a long line of pervs and seems proud to be part of it. She is often seen in peculiar and questionable situations with friends and foes alike.

Much of Cheryl’s humor comes from finding the idea of ​​killing and being killed very erotic. Despite being worth over half a billion dollars, Cheryl holds a lowly assistant position at the agency and always seems to make things worse.

2 Dr. Krieger

Although Krieger has admitted that he is by no means a doctor, that doesn’t stop him from creating bizarre inventions, all of which seem capable of killing everyone involved. Krieger is as friendly as he is unhinged, with a highly calculating mind, a horrifying sense of sadism, but a lovingly good nature.

There’s a lot to like about Krieger, who is seen in many humorous situations regarding his designs. Krieger enjoys helping his friends, even if he does so in morally questionable ways. It shows how awful the cast of characters is when a scientist who could be Adolf Hitler’s clone is the nicest of them all.

1 Sterling Archer

As the main protagonist, Sterling Archer is often considered the world’s deadliest spy. Sterling’s arrogance is on full display, and he’ll seize any opportunity to rejoice in what he takes for granted. Archer is extremely arrogant, selfish, self centered, sexist, narcissistic and every negative word can be thought of. However, he is extremely funny and the main man of the series.

Sterling often bullies and belittles his friends and tortures his butler, Woodhouse. He always finds absurd reasons for his heinous acts and can often be his own worst enemy, although he will refuse to see how.

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