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Scattershots: West Zone Duck Season, Archery Leagues, Trout Unlimited Meetings | Outside

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 20, 2021

Bill Hilts Jr.

Western Zone duck hunters can once again head for waterfowl until January 2, when the second half of the shoulder season reopens on November 27. The daily limit is six ducks per person per day, which includes mergansers and sea ducks. The daily limit cannot include more than two mallards (one of which may be a hen), three wood ducks, two black ducks , a pintail, a scaup, two russet, two spotted ducks, four scoters, four eiders, four kakawis ducks or two hooded mergansers. Regarding, the last 20 days of the season increases the daily limit to two birds per person (December 14-January 2). No Harlequin Duck can be harvested.

DEC and SUNY Brockport are looking for hunters to cooperate in a study of scaup, scotter, long-tailed duck, merganser, tourniquet or withers. They received a grant from the Great Lakes Research Consortium to study thiamine levels in divers and sea ducks in the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario watersheds. Thiamine is an essential vitamin that all wild animals need. Low levels of some Great Lakes fish have resulted in little or no reproduction, and biologists know little about the impacts on birds. If you have harvested one of these birds and are ready to donate it to the research study, click https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/451923d5c2a84f2ba1ed8d61488eb122. If you have any questions, Dr. Jacob Straub can be contacted at 585-395-2211.

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