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Rimbey Fish & Game building an archery range

ByMary M. Ward

Aug 2, 2022

After buying 70 acres of the former golf course south of town two years ago, the Rimbey Fish and Game Association has now started work on a clubhouse and archery range.

The clubhouse will have washroom facilities, as well as a kitchen area and approximately 80 feet of seating space to accommodate small events, such as wood scoring, youth programs, PAL lessons, or for private rentals.

Outside, the association wants to build an archery stand, where bow hunters can come and have their bows adjusted for the hunting season, as well as a 3D archery stand. for competitions.

A 3D archery range requires space and planning as competitors need to move from target to target, shoot and record their scores. Daryl Hunt, president of the Rimbey Fish & Game Association, said they plan to get help setting up this 3D archery range, calling on some organizations that have it. already one and know what it takes.

Hunt originally said the association planned to have a shooting range on this property, but it’s too close to residences for it to work.

The preparatory work has already been done and Hunt said construction of the clubhouse will hopefully begin in mid-August. Once the walls are up and the building is fenced in, interior finishing work can be done during the winter.

“We had been looking for a property for about 18 years when this one came up and we were lucky enough to buy it,” Hunt said. The association hopes that the archery range will be full in time for the hunting season and that planning for the 3D range can begin.

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