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Recreational sports and shooting complex discussed for Victoria | News from Chanhassen

ByMary M. Ward

Mar 10, 2022

The public is expected to get their first full description of plans for a proposed, one-of-a-kind, world-class recreational sports and shooting complex, likely south of downtown Victoria.

The proposal provides for a wide variety of facilities, including clay and trap/skeet shooting ranges, an archery range, a commercial hotel, a museum and events center, a entertainment, apartments, a training and education building, and much more.

The proposal, which includes a preliminary layout of the complex, can be viewed on the city’s website. It indicates a need for 350 to 500 acres of property.

“It’s a pretty new idea and we have a long way ahead of us,” Mayor Debra McMillan said Sunday. “We’ve been working on it for a while and trying to figure it out. We got to a point where we realized it was a worthwhile project and worth discussing further. This is where we are.

McMillan said city council and others interested in the concept “will have many questions about it,” adding that safety, cost and noise issues are just some of the questions people are asking. will pose.

“Is there a place where it might fit?” We’re just trying to figure out what the implications would be, and this presentation should give us a little taste of what it could be,” McMillan said. “It’s a big vision. I don’t know if it will come to fruition, but I think it’s important to follow the road for as long as it takes us.

Both McMillan and City Manager Dana Hardie said the project is suggested for construction south of town. But information about Victoria Acres on the city’s website said “with a desired layout in mind, the city has identified land to acquire and drafted a preliminary design for the site.”

The same document stated that “the city has worked with state agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources to seek guidance on regulatory efforts. To take the next steps, the City of Victoria is seeking legislative support for the project.

“Funding through key appropriations and/or consideration for inclusion in the bond bill will ensure this world-class outdoor recreation and shooting sports complex can preserve our great outdoors and be useful to our economic growth”, according to the same document.

A question about noise is listed among the documents in the Victoria Acres section of the city’s website. In response, he said, “USA Clay Target and the city are committed to working with the community to reduce noise exposure by all reasonable means…noise mitigation solutions will be evaluated during the planning process. and design…the city will require a noise abatement plan. in the project context.

Projected revenue could come from retail and office rentals, outdoor concerts and events, weddings and receptions, corporate and event facilities and fundraising. There would also be fees for target and archery leagues, vendors; training events, camping and shooting camps.

The land would be open year-round, and a museum showcasing Carver County and the state’s outdoor heritage is envisioned.

A shooting sports facility would be operated by USA Clay Target League, a non-profit organization, for a variety of ages and target enthusiasts. The Minnesota-based USA Clay Target League, the world’s largest youth target shooting organization, worked with the city on this project idea.

“We’re really at the beginning of this process – this project is a vision,” Hardie said. “There is no cost estimate for the land at the moment, nor a cost estimate for the construction of the complex at the moment, as work would have to be carried out through technical studies to determine this. .

“The city does not anticipate needing more staff for this project. The role of the city is to facilitate the vision,” she said, adding that the vision for Victoria Acres was developed as an extension of the comprehensive planning processes and small area plan study conducted in 2019. .

“A little over a year ago, the city was notified of the state’s desire to build a major shooting sports facility in Minnesota and was inducted into the USA Clay Target League,” Hardie said. . “The city envisions not only equipment for shooting sports, but also an outdoor recreation area that can be enjoyed by the community and visitors.

“With this type of development – ideally in Victoria’s southern growth area – the city projects an estimated tax value of $165 million over the next 10 years generated by economic development in the city’s commercial area and tourism. that would result from a project like Victoria Acres,” she added.

No action will be taken at the March 14 meeting. The community will have multiple opportunities, including workshops, meetings, and the city’s website, to provide feedback.