• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Pelion Elementary Wins Another Archery Title | Lexington

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 2, 2022

Add another archery title to the Lexington School District One trophy showcase.

The Pelion Elementary School archery team won the national titles in the bullseye and 3D at the annual NASP Open Championship. It took place in Louisville, Kentucky, from June 23-25.

Bullseye is when archers shoot at the target, and 3D archery is when archers shoot at a 3-dimensional target that looks like an animal.

The PES team consisted of 23 students and coaches Colby Coulter, Cassie Boatwright and Nicole Shumpert. They earned a spot in May after finishing sixth in the bullseye and 11th in the 3D competition at the Eastern Division Qualifying Tournament also in Kentucky.

“These youngsters have been absolutely amazing,” said head coach Colby Coulter. “It’s really weird trying to explain to kids how right now you’re competing against your teammates because the teammate you have right next to you, they’re the best in the state at this moment. So your job is to catch up.”

They returned for the national championship to face 24 qualifying teams from the East and West divisions.

“That changed throughout the year. We’ve had five different girls who won a tournament this year. We’ve had a boy who won four different tournaments this year. But, overall, we don’t we’ve never had less than 5-6 kids on a podium at a So with the state championship it’s the same goal Even though it’s a higher level of competition the expectations are still We want to win as many medals as possible and the kids have risen to the challenge.

Additionally, third-grader Paisley Hinkle placed third in the 3D competition and Ruby Salcedo finished fourth. Both were state championship winners in April.