• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

National Field Archery Association hosts Archery Week


YANKTON, SD (KTIV) – Archers from across the United States and even out of the country have gathered in Yankton, South Dakota for a week full of archery.

“Everyone wants to do something, we thought what can we do?” said Bruce Cull, president of the National Field Archery Association Foundation.

From the National Outdoor Field Championships to the National Indoor Archery Finals of the United States, the National Field Archery Association has hosted 5 different archery events in space only a week.

The NFAA National Outdoor Field Championships, the NFAA National Outdoor Target Championships, the First Dakota Classic, the NFAA National Indoor Championships and the National Indoor Archery Finals. United States all took place throughout the week.

The archers said it was great to see everyone come out not only for the sake of competing but also to hang out together.

“I mean, that’s it. Being able to go out to dinner with someone you just won or lost a game against is one thing that makes archery great. Just being able to hang out with friends. , and we have the whole week to hang out with a bunch of different people, it’s just great, ”said James Lutz, an archer from Wisconsin.

Another archer said it was fun to be able to have this common interest in archery with those everywhere.

“It’s really cool because you make a lot of new friends and meet people all over the country and even overseas. I have a friend from Canada here actually. So it’s a lot of fun d ‘be with other people. ” said Hatley Hetletved, archer from North Dakota.

NFAA President Bruce Cull added that normally each of the competitions is organized separately… they received a great response from the community.

“We combined three of our national championships and a fourth major tournament into one archery week. And we had great success. We had over 800 entered for the tournaments. And people are having fun. a lot and they’re ‘I just feel a little normal again with the light at the end of the tunnel,’ Cull said.

The archers generally said that they are just excited to get out and shoot.

Cull adds due to the success of the week… future archery competitions could be held together like these in the future.


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