November 4, 2020
Mobile loans and SMS loans »Yes, they still exist!

Mobile loans and SMS loans »Yes, they still exist!

Many are wondering if mobile loans and SMS loans are still available these days. Are you one of them? Then we will try to give you an answer here.

It is a bit complicated with all the loans you can borrow on your mobile, now that the mobile has become so smart that it uses the Internet. To make it easier to understand, let’s divide it into 3 and say we differentiate between:

  • SMS loans
  • Smartphone loans
  • Mobile loans, which we find out what is, eventually.

Mobile loans are a term that has changed significantly over time and came to mean something different than it originally did. But let’s start from the beginning.

Mobile loans in the good 90s


Mobile loans were originally a term for fast consumer loans that could be borrowed via their mobile. This is the time when a cellphone was something you could call and SMS from, and it couldn’t do much else. Well, you could play Snake – just not online.

Since the mobile gave people the opportunity to SMS, it became the new black. Everything should suddenly be possible on SMS, including mobile loans.

A little like when we now ask questions and order our smartphones and computers to make things happen, people sent SMSes. SMS loans? Yes please. It was an easy and quick solution, and lenders of course used it. This is how the SMS loan was born.

SMS loans – 90s and 00s mobile loans


SMS loans were also called mobile loans – you could actually draw a similarity between them. They did this because as an applicant you had to send a text message to the lender and apply for a mobile loan by answering some questions.

Thus, an application form was sent, which you could in fact still not complete without a computer. So, so much mobility was not even on the mobile SMS loan at that time. No, it should be more flexible than that.

And what happened then?

Then the phone manufacturers fortunately took it up a notch and upgraded mobile phones with the internet. A whole new era for mobile loans!

Now you could get online, first from its old type of mobile, and later when the first smartphones came out, also from that amazing machine with the huge screen.

Now you could actually see what it was you were googling, and mobile loans of course also had to find their way up the screen. Well, only after taking an SMS loan to buy a smartphone.

And such extinct SMS loans. With the opportunity to get online and see it all clearly on screen, it also became possible to take mobile loans with his smartphone. It was also fortunate that everyone in Denmark was handed out a Account in 2010. Then you could drop the SMS loan completely and apply for a mobile loan online with Account.

Smartphone loans


A smartphone loan is the modern version of mobile loan. It is a fast consumer loan that you can apply through your smartphone, but also tablet and computer. After all, it’s also a form of mobile loan, since all those born before the ’00s still call smartphones for mobiles.

In fact, this mobile loan is not specifically linked to smartphones – we might as well call it online loans. You can record it from any device that has a browser and can open a website.

You could say, as the technologies have evolved, mobile loans have also gone from SMS loans to online loans via smartphone.

Have you now learned why the words like mobile loans and SMS loans still linger, even if you can’t get those loans anymore? After all, it’s a little cozy story.

We hope you are now dressed to distinguish between the mobile loans found in the history book and those on the web.