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Meet the four new cast members joining Made in Chelsea: Mallorca

ByMary M. Ward

Aug 22, 2022

All have an agenda for drama, and I’m here for it

It’s here! Made in Chelsea is back with its summer special. There’s going to be drama galore as the cast of Made in Chelsea fly to Mallorca to soak up the sun, and of course share some gossip and argument.

In the new season, we are introduced to four new cast members, two of whom are based in London and two live in Mallorca. So before you watch them on your screen every night this week (yes, the special is EVERY night), here’s everything you need to know about them.


Age: 25 years old

via Instagram @indiagrace.h

India is 25 years old, comes from London and works as a model. She has lived in Chelsea all her life and says herself that she rarely ventures out of there. In addition to her modeling work, India is currently the PA of the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.

India is sure to bring drama when she joins the cast of Made in Chelsea: Mallorca, and I’m sure Julius won’t be too happy when she shows up. Earlier this year Julius was outed for having a mystery woman in his bed the same night he went on a date with Tabitha Willett – which he denied at the time and said they didn’t. were just friends. The summer trip to Mallorca will unveil the truth and finally allow viewers to put a face to Julius’ mystery wife – in the form of India! Expect fireworks when they come face to face in front of the whole gang.

India’s surprise arrival in Mallorca can be seen in the first episode of Made In Chelsea: Mallorca, where she takes Julius by surprise asking for answers about their tumultuous past together. India and Julius met at a spinning studio in Fulham, where India previously worked. They began their romance in June 2020 and, for the past two years, Julius and India have had an on/off relationship which she describes as “being boyfriend and girlfriend without a label”. Ouch!

Isabelle ‘Issy’ Francis-Baum

Age: 20

New members of the Made in Chelsea Mallorca special, Isabella 'Issy' Francis-Baum

via Instagram @issy.fbb

Born and raised in London, Issy is a part-time student and model. She is currently in college to get a degree in fashion and has been signed as a model since 2019. She has worked with many well-known brands, as well as advertising in Times Square and in stores across the United States .

Issy is said to “live life in the fast lane”, not just professionally but also in her free time – horseback riding and skiing. She is also described as being “single and ready to mingle”, which in Made in Chelsea terms means things could get messy. She was previously in a long-term relationship, but her boyfriend cheated on her.

willow day

Age: 20

willow day

by E4

Issy was born in the UK, but grew up in Mallorca, where she currently lives. She is a freelance model who has been working in the industry since she was just 13 years old.

Willow studied fashion at the University of London and recently moved to Milan for an internship at the famous fashion house Versace. During the summer months, socialite Willow returns to Mallorca to enjoy the island’s exclusive beach clubs, boat parties and great weather. In her spare time, Willow enjoys all the activities the island has to offer, including sailing, horseback riding, and archery.

She calls herself a “serial dater” who only dates attractive male models. Sure. Same! That only means drama though, because when she joins the cast of Made in Chelsea: Mallorca, TWO of our resident Chelsea boys seek her attention.

Malek Amro

Age: 31

New members of the Made in Chelsea Mallorca special, Malek Amro

by E4

Malek has been based in Mallorca for two years, where he lives the party life. He moved his life to Palma from the UK to work for a wealth management agency. Raised in Bath until the age of 10, Malek later moved to the United Arab Emirates for his father’s job. He was educated at international schools before returning to the UK for university.

Malek’s brother lives in Chelsea, so he hangs out there every time he returns to the UK. Currently in Mallorca, Malek works for his friend’s app, “Yacht Drop”. It’s potentially the fanciest app you’ve ever heard of, delivering drinks to superyachts in the area. However, this work has made Malik so well-known in some of Mallorca’s elite circles, so yes, he describes himself as a local socialite!

Made in Chelsea: Mallorca begins Monday the 22nd at 9 p.m. on E4. Episodes will continue all week at 9 p.m. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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