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Marietta’s Kenzie Smith sees a future in working with animals | News, Sports, Jobs

ByMary M. Ward

Oct 29, 2022

Kenzie Smith in the production of “Cinderella” at Marietta High School in 2022. (Photo provided)

Kenzie Smith, 18, is a senior who splits her time at Marietta High School and the Washington County Career Center.

She is part of the WCCC Digital Marketing Program and is a member of the Business Professionals of America (BPA) youth organization; serves as class president for her technical program; is on the principal’s list and honor roll; is training to become a paramedic; and is in her second year as the school’s student ambassador.

“We’re the first person eighth graders walk through the door and see, or sophomores, or when a senator or the governor comes,” said Smith. “We’re here to salute him, or for her, and kind of be the face of the student body.”

Smith earned the right to compete in the National BPA Competition in Dallas, Texas for Advanced Interview Skills in May after finishing first at regionals and third at state. Smith said her teacher approached her with a list of things she could participate in and she chose advanced learning skills.

“I’m good at public speaking, and I’m good at talking to people, so why not just do advanced learning skills,” said Smith. “There was the option to do regular interviews, but I was like, ‘No. I’m going to go all out and learn some advanced interview skills.’”

Kenzie Smith winning 3rd place in the 2022 Ohio State BPA competition. (Photo provided)

Smith said she did mock interviews at home with her parents and sister, put together her portfolio and resume, and did a lot of research on media design work. for which she was interviewing.

“So I had to research what they were doing and what would be expected of me in this role,” said Smith. “But I did a lot of preparation before going in.”

While at MHS, Smith was a member of the football team for three years, did pole vault and shot put for track and field, was involved in theater, and was a member of the choir and the only member for four. of the acapella. vocal point of the choir.

“I just like being with my friends and creating music. I love music,” said Smith. “He’s always been there and I don’t think I could imagine life without him.”

Smith has been a member of the FFA for eight years, was crowned queen of the 2022 Washington County Fair last summer and will compete for the state crown this winter, and is a junior chef with the Bullseye 4-H Club.

Kenzie Smith at the 2018 Rodeo with her horse Timmy. (Photo provided)

“I am a junior leader in this field and we teach how to shoot firearms and archery safely and appropriately,” said Smith. “We’re giving him some sort of safe space to learn how to shoot these air rifles and air pistols.”

Smith has also been riding horses for 14 years and has competed in gymkhana events.

“It’s barrel racing, pole bending, flag racing, and I would do the local shows at the Washington County Fairgrounds with the Pioneer City Riding Club, and ride the fair. Unfortunately, this year, I had to withdraw my horse. said Smith. “He has osteoarthritis in his knee. I can no longer compete with him.

The horse Smith is talking about is named Timmy. Smith said he was a rescue from Copper Horse Crusade. Smith said she was looking for a new horse 11 years ago and saw Timmy’s photo on the organization’s Facebook page. She said she went to meet him and fell in love with his “pretty little white face” and brought him home.

“Yeah, he was, he was my buddy. He was my best friend.” said Smith. “And he’s the best horse I could have ever asked for.”

Kenzie Smith is a member of the Marietta High School football team. (Photo provided)

Smith’s love for animals doesn’t stop with Timmy. Smith said she has always been in love with animals and would like to go to college to study animals and become an animal behaviorist so she can work for a zoo.

“A good comparison would be Jack Hanna,” said Smith. “He was amazing.”

Smith said her family loves to cruise for the holidays and that’s when she knew she wanted to work with animals. She said she was on a cruise in Hawaii and went whale watching.

“They had this device that they planted in the water and you could hear the whales,” said Smith. “And I heard the whales, and it made me cry. It was just beautiful. They actually swam right by our boat. It was like one of those movie moments. And we saw him do it like the classic tail-up dive, and I was like, ‘I want to do this for my job. I could do this forever.'”

Smith said she had thought about going to Muskingum College where they have an animal studies program and she could be a member of the track team.

Kenzie Smith holding her 2022 Fair Queen sash with her 2018 and 2019 Horse Princess crowns on the back. (Photo provided)

“They actually offered me to be on the track team,” said Smith. “I haven’t signed with them yet, but I would love to race for them.”

Kenzie Smith, bottom, in the 2018 production of “Annie” as Pepper. (Photo provided)

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