November 4, 2020
Loan for new windows – renovate your home

Loan for new windows – renovate your home

Would you like to fundamentally renovate your home or should “only” the windows be replaced? If it is only exchanged, the subsidized loan for new windows is to be assessed as a single measure.
Would up to 50,000 USD of credit, at the annual percentage rate of 0.75 percent, be an interesting loan promotion for the individual measure? You could double the amount, but on the same terms, if you energetically renovate the entire residential unit.

We see it as our task to propose the right financing for you. The loan amount, the personal creditworthiness and your loan application to the right provider decided which offer suits you.

Loan for new windows – interest rate policy for medium-sized companies

Loan for new windows - interest rate policy for medium-sized companies

The father of the state has no heart for its citizens, which may feel more true. However, the subjective perception does not apply to loans for new windows. Nobody voluntarily throws energy costs out the window. Residential property was created primarily by middle-class middle classes. The Federal Government wants to support precisely these people in saving energy.

The ambitious plan is to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions for heating living space by 2050. With government-sponsored loans, homeowners and owners of condominiums are to implement the plan in reality. They are put in the financial position to create climate-neutral living space from old buildings. Replacement of the windows as one of the cold bridges is therefore eligible.

New window credit could come from Reconstruction Loan Loan Programs 151 and 152. For a comprehensive renovation, the program provides 151 low-interest loans of up to $ 100,000. Individual measures, such as the replacement of windows, are supported by KfW through program 152 with a loan amount of up to $ 50,000. The current interest rate is 0.75 percent effective annual interest with the offer of 10-year fixed interest rates.

Pay back less than was accepted – grants

Pay back less than was accepted - grants

People who are already rubbing their hands because the loan is so low-interest should still read on. KfW supports the renovation not only with credit, but also with repayment grants. If 100,000 USD were requested from the loan program, up to 27,500 USD in subsidies from the father state could flow into the repayment. – Mind you, per apartment.

Alternatively, intended for people who have the money on the high edge and do not need a loan, program 430 would be interesting. With a maximum grant of $ 30,000, Vater Staat is participating in the energy-related renovation. – Even if no loan was taken out for new windows or the new heating.

If the new windows are not to be used in the old building, but are part of an extension, then loan program 153 would be suitable. Again, the offer applies to finance up to $ 100,000 pa for 0.75 percent effective interest. In this case, the interest rate should even be fixed for 20 years. However, the maximum repayment subsidy is “only” 15,000 USD.

Loan application – what needs to be considered?

Loan application - what needs to be considered?

KfW unfortunately does not accept loan applications directly. Only the latest information can be called up on the development bank’s website. A KfW loan is applied for through a normal commercial bank. In theory, every German commercial bank would be qualified to apply for credit, but not all banks are fully involved. Finding providers can be a problem, especially with smaller loan amounts.

In addition, it is not simply possible to take advantage of the funding in the “snap action”. Owners of residential property whose building application or building advertisement was submitted before 02/01/2002 may submit an application. An approved energy consultant must be involved in the planning phase. He plans the renovation. Do-it-yourself to implement work is unfortunately hardly possible in practice either.

Depending on the trade, professional construction is required. One problem that is often complained about is the tight time frame. The building acceptance must have been carried out successfully by the scheduled fixed date at the latest. – If you wait eight weeks instead of four weeks for the delivery of the new windows, the date can be tight.

Exchange windows without craftsmen – save labor costs instead of interest

Exchange windows without craftsmen - save labor costs instead of interest

Publicly funded credit for new windows attracts with low interest rates and grants. However, the required professional work execution by craftsmen makes the project significantly more expensive. In order to install modern windows, you really do not need any previous technical training. With two healthy hands and some attention to detail when adjusting, everyone can replace their windows themselves.

If several windows are to be replaced, it is advisable to look for a loan without a land register. Given the currently very low interest rates for installment loans for modernization, the entry in the land register for credit protection is not worthwhile. The interest rate differential is barely noticeable. It would have to be calculated for 10,000 USD credit for new windows – 60 months term – around 3.3 percent effective annual interest.

If the loan search only refers to one window, a loan volume between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 could be sufficient. The term of the loan should be free to choose between 12 months and 36 months. In this case, the loan for the new window only costs 1.99 percent APR.

Our affiliated loan comparison will answer who you receive the loans mentioned as an example with up-to-date interest.