• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

LaRue County launches archery program

ByMary M. Ward

Feb 23, 2022

By Josh Claywell
sports editor

Citing increased demand among the student body, LaRue County High School added an archery program.

In all, 18 students joined the team this year, according to coach Laura Kudrna.

The team members are freshmen Maria Beltran, Kaytlin Brewer, LIlly Constant, Abigail Goodin, Bailey Litton, Taylor-Ann Melton, Keaton Nall, and Lesly Rosales; sophomores Logan Hawkins, Blakyn James, Trinity Leasor, Carter Peace and Layla Ward; and juniors Alivia Akers, Ephraim Morgan, Samantha Perkins, Alex Poore, Ellee Price and Ryan Brooke Puckett.

“There has been a demand for this activity for a few years,” said LaRue County athletic director David Dawson. “However, this year there was more of a genuine interest from students and parents, so we felt it was the perfect time to move forward.”

Kudrna had been the archery club sponsor for 12 years at Hodgenville Elementary School, but the program has been limited for the past two years due to COVID restrictions.

With her experience working with elementary students in sports, she is excited to bring archery to the high school level.

“We didn’t get to do a lot of clubs after school, so I’m excited to continue coaching archery at a more competitive level,” Kudrna said.

The archery team competes as part of the National Archery in Schools Program, which Kudrna says has been a great resource in getting the program started at LCHS.

“NASP is a great program that allows students of all ages to show how focus and dedication to a sport can create a level playing field for everyone,” she said. “You could have an elementary student competing against a high school student, and it’s all based on individual skill.”

Kudrna is the former women’s soccer coach for LaRue County, where she served as the head coach from 2011-2015. She also served as the girls’ track and field coach from 2011-2015.

She stepped down from both roles that year as her three children were growing up, but Kudrna figured she would return to coaching one day.

“I’ve always enjoyed teaching and coaching LaRue County students,” Kudrna said. “I never would have stopped coaching, but when I was coaching the women’s high school soccer and track team, my own kids were very young and they needed me more. Now they are old enough and play for LaRue County in various sports and they now understand all the hard work involved in coaching. This is the right time in our lives when we can all give back to LaRue County athletics and it has given me the opportunity to get back into training.

“The best part is that a lot of the archers on our team are my former students who also did archery with me in fifth grade,” she added. “Several members of the archery team said they loved the archery units they did in primary and middle school and are thrilled that we now have an archery team. at the bow in LaRue County.”

Because the team started this season later, they weren’t able to participate in many tournaments.

Kudrna and Dawson said that won’t be the case next year, when they plan a full season of events.

“For our team which is only four weeks old, I think we are doing very well,” Kudrna said. “They learn the importance of their form, self-analysis of their shots and consistency. We view every tournament as a learning experience and like all sports we work on what we need to improve in training.

“We plan to have a full season of archery next year. Now that we have learned the ropes, we will be able to participate not only in 10/15 meter distance shooting, but also in some competitions 3D shooting range where they shoot at 3D animal targets. We are also looking forward to having more archers on the team next year.”