• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

How to find local archery competitions

ByMary M. Ward

Sep 1, 2022

Local club competitions are the backbone of the competitive archery scene. What could be more fun than shooting with friends or family at an event where fun is more important than competition? But these events are also where most competitive archers start playing. How many top archers have started shooting at local events, been bitten by the competitive archery bug and then taken their game to the next level? The answer is “a lot”.

The problem is that small local archery events near you can be hard to find. The organizations that organize these tournaments – 3D, indoor, on the field – are usually not the best at publicizing them, and so it is easy to miss them even when they are scheduled.

But we have a system for finding local competitions that works pretty well no matter where you live. This will help you detect events and plan a schedule in advance that could allow you to shoot somewhere near you every weekend, all year round.

Unfortunately, there is no central website or database where club-level events across the country are recorded. The Archery Shooters Association (ASA), International Bowhunting Organization (IBO), and National Field Archery Association (NFAA) are all national organizations that have local affiliate clubs. So going through these organizations to find local member clubs near you is a good way to start your search.

But let’s be honest – this route might not give you local results as there are far more clubs and local organizations that are not associated with any national organization than there are affiliated groups. So talk to someone you know who shoots archery and arrow and ask them about any local tournaments they might know about. Have them check in with their friends as well. The goal is to cast as wide a net as possible among the people you know and the people they know.

Stopping by your local archery retailer is a must. If you don’t know where that is, Archery 360 has a pretty comprehensive database of local archery retailers across the country. People who work and frequent local archery stores will know where to find local competitions. Pay particular attention to stores that are known to meet the needs of targeted archers. They will be particularly attuned to the local target archery scene.

All of the avenues we have mentioned will produce names of shooting clubs and organizations in your area for you. Keep a running list of these organizations, then search the Internet for their websites and/or social media pages. Often these are the only places these organizations advertise their events.

A small club in Pennsylvania hosts monthly 3D tournaments from April through September. The club does not have a website, but it does have a Facebook page. Once a year at the end of winter, the club publishes its calendar of events for that year on this page. And that’s all. That, and word of mouth, is the extent of their advertising, but they have a decent turnout at all of their competitions. You need to know someone who is tuned into their schedule, or you need to be looking in the right place to find them.

Check your local newspaper. Does it have an outdoor section? Often these sections will have an activity calendar that lists outdoor events like archery competitions.

The good thing about finding local tournaments is that it gets easier the more you find and the more you attend. Once you step into the local club tournament scene, you’re suddenly surrounded by club archers who know where to find local events. When attending events, ask other attendees about other local tournaments. Before long you will be able to set up a calendar of various archery events in and around the area where you live.