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Happy birthday to the archers of Wicklow!

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 3, 2021

Wicklow Archers marked the club’s 20th anniversary by hosting a fun photoshoot at their outdoor booth near Enniskerry on Sunday 24 October.

The 32-target competition mixed standard terrain and 3D targets for a unique challenge that hosted over 55 archers from clubs around Leinster. After a long day of shooting, the archers gathered for pizza, cash prizes and a medal ceremony to close the event.

Wicklow Archers began life as two separate clubs: Woodbrook Archery Club, which formed in Bray in 2001, and Garden County Archery Club, formed in 2006. In June 2012, the two clubs reunited as a Wicklow Archers.

Wicklow Archers have been Ireland’s largest archery club for several years and regularly host archery events locally, nationally and globally.

Archers at the club train in a number of different archery disciplines including target training, field shooting and 3D archery through a number of types and of different bow styles.

Many of the club’s archers also continued to compete nationally and internationally.

Wicklow Archers is a community club that supports the growth and promotion of all forms of archery. They support social inclusion and equality and believe that archery should be open to everyone. It’s something they strive to achieve in their training and facilities.

“Usually we have multiple venues for different styles of archery and regularly host club, county and national competitions,” they said. “It helps us promote the recreational and competitive aspects of archery and support those who are trying to achieve the highest standards in the sport. This requires good sportsmanship, personal development and a focus on the community aspect of archery ”.

For more information on Wicklow Archers, you can contact Mark Cunningham at [email protected]

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