• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Gibson wins stage three as Jimmy Lutz advances to World Cup final

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 23, 2022

One athlete who has booked his place on Saturday for the final is American James Lutz.

He won his final against Miguel Becerra 148-138 after his Mexican opponent missed his fifth arrow and was too behind to catch up.

“I’m happy to go to Mexico but I’m heartbroken for Miguel,” said Lutz, who immediately consoled his opponent at the end of their match.

“You never want to win that way. I mean, really, my heart just sank. He missed [just] two points other than that arrow, so I needed to shoot my butt. If anything happened to my equipment, he was always one point ahead of me if something went wrong. It’s a relief, but in a bad way. It just makes me sick.”

“It’s something that happens,” added Lutz, who won his semi-final against Jean Philippe Boulch 147-143 after the Frenchman shot a 6 with his fifth arrow.

“Today in our mixed team I shot a big seven. It could easily have been off target. With what we’re doing here, every millimeter counts. I feel so bad for him and I feel bad for him. said.”

“But I’m not going to be crazy about a win. I’m super, super excited to go to the World Cup final. I feel like I’m back. I’m confident [and] the bow shoots well,” added the 24-year-old who last won a World Cup stage in 2019.

“With covid and all, I changed stuff that I probably shouldn’t have. We’re back to normal now.”

Becerra had beaten Mike Schloesser in their semi-final via a tiebreaker after the Dutchman had a strong setback when he needed to shoot a 9 to win (he shot an 8). Becerra scored an X to Schloesser’s 9 in the one-arrow shoot-off.

The competition in Medellin ends tomorrow with the recurve medal matches.