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Genesis Target Archery Bow | Open spaces

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 7, 2013

What makes a Genesis bow unique is its single cam design. It is advertised as “the bow for everyone” because there is no set draw length. Pull the string any amount – a few inches for a child or a beginner, to a full pull for an experienced adult – and the arrow flies straight and hard back and forth.

Most bows are designed to suit their shooter. You adjust the draw length to suit your physiology and preferences while aiming down. A unique cam configuration, for which Genesis has several patents, gives constant pressure throughout the pull without releasing.

In the field during my first practice, even if it had been years, the technique of shooting an arrow came back to me quickly. I had watched an intro video on YouTube for a refresher, and a bow hunter friend met me to train.

With a few quivers of arrows, I was hitting near the center of the target on numerous shots. I stepped back for more challenge and aimed the arc – the Genesis unit was solid in the hand, not a toy, despite the hot pink option, but not exactly a weapon, either.

My 8 year old daughter shot a few arrows after me. She used the same bow as me, the Genesis Regular model at $ 169.99, and she was able to pull the string a few inches and pull.

She smiled at the first arrow, which passed the target in a net of grass. But on the third or fourth shot, at close range, it hit the target’s face.

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