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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: best bows

ByMary M. Ward

Sep 4, 2022

As with other Final Fantasy securities, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius takes players on a journey to protect the world and its crystals from an impending threat. This time around, childhood friends Rain and Lasswell are tasked with defending the world of Lapis from the Sworn Six of Paladia, while helping a mysterious girl named Fina uncover the truth about her past. Fortunately, they don’t have to do it alone because the Final Fantasy the game has a gacha function that allows hitting characters from other Final Fantasy titles accompany the protagonists on their journey.

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While it’s great to see Cloud and Sephiroth use their blades against powerful enemies, strategy game players know that ranged attackers have their merits. The likes of Fran de FF12when equipped with a Bow, can decimate enemies without worrying about retaliation. However, what are the best bows in the game?


ten Draconic Princess Pulse

When the mysterious Fina taps into her hidden powers and uses the essence of Bahamut in battle, she becomes the draconian princess Fina. And reaching Super Trust Master with it will reward players with the Draconic Princess Pulse, one of the strongest endgame arcs around for the mobile title. Considering how basic Fina is one of the basic starting characters in Brave Exviusseeing her Draconian Princess variant shine with such a weapon is a change of pace for players.

At its core, this weapon is designed to complement a Bahamut summon, which can be nifty for long-range builds that also rely on summoning. Along with ATK+112 and MAG+178, the weapon also offers +70% accuracy and a damage range of 135% to 185%. Lastly, it can increase Bahamut’s evocation damage by 50% (Imbued By The Dragon King’s Might), making this bow a perfect conduit for Bahamut-based attacks.

9 Dark Bow+

Nope Final Fantasy the game is still part of the franchise without some of its recurring weapons, and that’s the case with the Dark Bow+ in Brave Exvius. Serving as a callback to the Dark Bow associated with Dark Element in the series, the Dark Bow+ is one of the most powerful bows players can obtain in the endgame of Brave Exvius, specifically for their long distance users. Players can get the recipe for this item through the “Mysidian Tower – Exploration” event.

When obtained, the Dark Bow gives players ATK+118 and SPR+78, making their ranged unit more powerful in terms of aggro. Not only that, but players can also enjoy +70% accuracy and a 135%-185% damage range when wielding this weapon. Finally, the weapon also has a guaranteed 100% chance of blinding opponents, effectively increasing the chance of opponents missing their attacks on the player. Brave Exvius crew.

8 Killer Bow+

Despite its rather “basic” name, the Killer Bow+ actually refers to a recurring arc in the series. Also called Killer Bow or sometimes Hunter’s Bow in some Final Fantasy titles, this weapon is almost always associated with the ability to instantly kill certain enemies in the game. Without possessing this quality in Brave Exviusthe Killer Bow+ can be obtained after defeating the Brachiosaur in the “Scorn of the Brachiosaur” trial.

By equipping this bow, this weapon grants players ATK+118 of the dark element. Not only that, but players also get +70% accuracy along with a 135%-185% damage range. Due to its nature as a hunting bow, players of Final Fantasy Jobs that rely on long range gain the benefits of using them against various opponents. For example, Killer Bow+ gives a 50% boost against Birds (Bird Killer), Insects (Bug Killer), Plants (Plant Killer), and Beasts (Beast Killer).

seven Yoichi Bow

Accompanying Firion on his journey Final Fantasy 2 are his siblings Guy, Leon, and Maria, with the latter in particular becoming a permanent part of the party throughout the mission to save the world. Although proficient with the bow, Maria’s stats in FF2 make her more suitable for the role of the Dark Mage. In Brave ExviusMaria can come in the form of the unit Thoughtful Sister Maria, whose Trust Master reward comes in the form of her signature Yoichi Bow.

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At its core, Yoichi’s bow gives its users ATK+126 and SPR+148, making it a rather useful companion for characters such as Brave Exvius healers who can rely on SPR and benefit from long range combat. Additionally, the bow gives its users +70% accuracy and a damage range of 135%-185%. Most notable is its Bow of Rebellion effect, which allows players to deal 50% more damage to birds.

6 Arch of Artemis

While the Gandiva bow is one of the most powerful bows in the franchise, the Artemis bow is often the most powerful bow to become a recurring weapon in the series, period. In Brave Exviusit comes in the form of Arch of Artemis, a powerful arc meant to hit its target regardless of distance. Players can obtain it from the “Chamber of the Indignant: Scorn of the Evil Moon” trial.

In-game, the Bow of Artemis gives ATK+142 and MAG+170 to its users. Additionally, it gives +7% accuracy and a 135%-185% damage range to users. Finally, it possesses Bow of the Huntress, granting 75% more physical and magic damage to beasts players encounter. These stats make the Artemis Bow a perfect creature slayer, capable of eliminating unnecessary monsters from fights and helping other party members like Brave Exvius tank characters prepare for bosses.

5 Sun blocker

Just because many popular weapons from Final Fantasy and other Square Enix franchises become some of the most powerful weapons in Brave Exvius doesn’t mean the game’s story has nothing else to offer. In the case of long-range weapons, Ang the Warrior has mastered the art of the bow and arrow through the Sun blocker. This legendary bow is said to have brought down nine of the ten suns that plagued the lands, the weapon having attained the ability to set anything on fire. Players get this arc through Ang’s Trust Master reward.

Basically, the Sun Breaker in Brave Exvius grants ATK+145 to its users. On top of that, they gain +70% accuracy and a damage range of 135% to 185%. Users even deal 50% more damage to birds and dragons, courtesy of Bird Killer and Dragon Killer respectively. These perks make it quite powerful against some of the more difficult creatures near endgame, similar to specialized weapons. FF14 Combat jobs must survive their enemies.

4 Diviner’s Bow

RPG fans who want to steer clear of the fantasy setup of Final Fantasy can go to another Square Enix game with more mature themes, namely the Valkyrie Profile series. Here, players take on the role of a Valkyrie who must travel to Midgar to acquire souls to prepare for Ragnarok, and according to legend, the Diviner’s Bow is able to discern the slightest hint of danger.

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The players of Brave Exvius can obtain a version of the Soothsayer arc through the Super Trust Master reward, courtesy of Lenneth. When using this bow, long-range users get ATK +160 and SPR +30 in addition to +70% accuracy and a damage range of 135% to 185%. Despite its lack of fancy abilities, the rather simple bonuses make the Diviner’s Bow an ideal addition to any archer’s arsenal.

3 Sagittarius

Serve as one of the strongest bows in Final Fantasy 12from the country of Ivalice, Sagittarius also makes an appearance in Brave Exvius as one of the most coveted ranged weapons in the game. It is also one of the few extremely powerful weapons that can be crafted and obtained as rewards. For one, players can craft the Sagittarius through the “FF12 TZA: A Trap in the Lhusu Mines” event. Alternatively, Sagittarius is a Super Trust award from Blue Sky Belle Fran.

Despite being a two-handed bow, Sagittarius is easily an asset to any competent long-range specialist. Besides its ATK +190 and MAG +190 for the upgraded version, users also achieve +70% accuracy, along with a damage range of 135% to 185%. It also becomes a rather nifty hunting weapon, as it deals 50% bonus damage to beasts and birds (Heavenly Bow – M Beast Killer, M Bird Killer).

2 Arch of Fiion

Fans would recognize Fiion from Final Fantasy 2 as the series’ first “named” protagonist. He, alongside his siblings Maria, Guy, and Leon, would eventually hold the fate of the world in their hands. Luckily, Firion is extremely skilled with the bow and was able to help save the world from the Palamecian Empire thanks to Arch of Fiion. Attainable after reaching Super Trust Master with Firion -Neo Vision-, Firion’s bow is one of the best bows in the game for long range masters.

Despite its rather ordinary name, a fully upgraded Firion’s Bow can give up to ATK+200 to its users, perfect for increasing the lethality of ranged DPS units similar to ranged ones. FF14 Fighting jobs. Not only that, but users also receive +70% accuracy and an improved damage range from 135% to 185%. To top it all off, Wild Rose Archer not only gives a 50% boost to Limit Breaker damage and physical damage against birds, but users also get a 25% boost to Accuracy and 100% to equipment ATK when using this bow alone.

1 Black Glove++

Players who have played Final Fantasy would recognize the Gandiva as one of the best arcs in the title, making it the perfect endgame weapon for any ranged user. In Brave Exvius, the same could be said of the Gandiva. Except this time, a strange darkness transforms the Gandiva into the Dark Gandiva, a sinister arc covered in nothing but malevolent energy. Upgrading to its fullest form grants players access to the Black Glove++arguably the best bow for long range users which can even make them similar to other overpowered ones Final Fantasy Works.

Fans can obtain Darth Gandiva from the “Dark Visions: The Advent of Chaos 5” event, where they must face a corrupt Darth Bahamut. Defeating it and reaching this arc can be worth it due to its perks. Aside from a huge ATK+235 that could greatly improve any ranged fighter’s offensive skill, it has the Dark Hunter ability. With this, players can deal 40x more physical damage to enemies, giving ranged attackers a nifty AOE option.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is currently available for iOS and Android.

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