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Famous rulers who began their reigns before 8 p.m. – 24/7 Wall St.

ByMary M. Ward

Apr 9, 2022

Throughout history, nations have enthroned monarchs before they reached the age of 20. Although this may seem shocking to us in the 21st century, it is understandable when we remember that life expectancy was much shorter in ancient times and pragmatic decisions were often made by the courts. and royal families to prolong dynasties.

To find the youngest leaders in history, 24/7 Tempo gathered information from various sources such as British, Story, The European Middle Agesand About the story. Only rulers who began their reign before the age of 20 were considered. (On the other hand, these are the countries with the oldest rulers.)

Given the youthfulness of these monarchs, many were mostly token rulers early in their reigns. Important decisions were made by regents and courts until they were mature enough to rule. These situations could be exploited by ambitious advisers to shape the fate of their nations. This was the case during the reigns of King Charles II of Spain and Henry VI of England.

Most of the terms of these young monarchs were not very long – few lasted more than 10 years – as they were beaten down by disease or died in battle. For royals whose reigns spanned more than two decades, like those of Spain’s monarchs Alfonso XIII and Isabella II, their time was filled with internal conflict.

Some of the young monarchs on this list died in battle, like King Wladyslaw III of Poland and Hungary, or eventually succumbed to lifelong illnesses, like King Baldwin IV, who was struck down by leprosy. The assassination was more than just a threat to the young Roman emperors Elagabalus and Gordian III, who were killed by their own guards or troops.

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The fate of some of these monarchs had consequences for their nations. The death of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII while fighting the legions of Julius Caesar led to the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. King Charles II of Spain died without an heir, leading to the War of the Spanish Succession and the beginning of the end of the Spanish Empire. Pu Yi’s four-year reign ended in 1912, the final chapter of more than 2,000 years of Chinese imperial rule. (They were the last rulers of empires long gone.)