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Exmouth archer makes his way to the first honor of the 2019 British 3D Field Archery Championships

ByMary M. Ward

May 12, 2019


Husband and wife, Exmouth archers Rob and Sophie Twigg competed in the 2019 British 3D Field Archery Championships.

Sophie Twigg in third sport on the podium at the British Archery Championships in 3D Campaign. Photo ROB TWIGG
– Credit: Archant

This turned out to be a most successful championship for the couple as Rob beat all that came before him to be crowned UK 3D Field Archery Champion while Sophie came in third and went also got his first qualifying score to shoot for the GB team!

The UK 3D Field Archery Championship is a national archery competition hosted by Archery GB and involving archers from across the UK.

The Championships were hosted by Auld Braidlie Archers in Hawick, Scotland, so that meant an eight hour drive from their home in Exmouth for the pair!

Rob says, “We both shoot traditional wooden bows. Sophie shoots a traditional English Longbow and I shoot an American Flatbow.

3D Field Archery British Championships action.  Photo ROB WIGG

3D Field Archery British Championships action. Photo ROB WIGG
– Credit: Archant

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“Sophie has been shooting since the age of 11 and is currently ranked number two in the country and has achieved the rank of Grandmaster Bowman in each of the past four years!

“In my case, I have only been shooting for about five years and am currently ranked number four in the country, won the UK Masters (in my first year of shooting), the Grand National Archery Meeting and, as Sophie, I have also been awarded the rank of Grandmaster Bowman in the past four years. “

Rob continued, “We are based at Exmouth Archers which has some of the best archery facilities in the country.

“With a permanent archery field, an indoor archery range and a full-time field archery range.”

3D Field Archery British Championships action.  Photo ROB WIGG

3D Field Archery British Championships action. Photo ROB WIGG
– Credit: Archant

The British 3D Field Archery Championship involves shooting at 3D foam targets set at various unmarked distances up to 30 meters, and is typically shot in woods and rough terrain.

Archers start in groups of four and shoot two arrows at 24 different targets during the first day.

On the second day, the archers are divided into groups and shoot another set of 24 targets. Once the scores are added up, those at the top of the leaderboard qualify for the single arrow, semi-finals and head-to-head final.

Rob said of the couple’s efforts in the championship: “Sophie shot well on day one and finished in second, just behind British bowman Millie Williams.

3D Field Archery British Championships action.  Photo ROB WIGG

3D Field Archery British Championships action. Photo ROB WIGG
– Credit: Archant

“On the second day her shooting really improved. Although she still finished in second place, she managed to get a score that has now placed her on the GB team’s qualifying matrix.

“The face-to-face went well, but unfortunately Sophie was eliminated, placing her in third place overall.”

He continued: “In my event, I managed to get a first place on the first day and a second place on the second day. However, my cumulative score over the two days put me in first place before the lead. – one-on-one element of the competition. “

“The first semi-final was tough and my opponent really put the pressure on, but I managed to keep my cool and secure the victory. However, the gold medal game did not go well. started because my opponent took an 8-5 lead on the first target and I had to work hard to get back into the game.

“On the second target we shot, making the score 13-10. The third target was a tricky uphill shot that I hit, but my opponent missed, giving me a score of 15-13.

So here we are facing the final target 30 meters away, back to back.

“At this point my heart really felt like it was beating out of my chest, but I controlled my breathing and visualized the arrow flying through the center of the target.

“The judge then stepped forward before he said ‘shoot’ and that’s when it seemed like the world had stopped! I exhaled very slowly and released my fingers in dropping the arrow.

“The rest, as the saying goes, is history, because the arrow flew through the air, hitting the target and I had won the British 3D Campaign Championships!”

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