• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

ESL Archery Academy shines in district archery tournament

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 11, 2022

The ESL CSR team organized a district archery tournament for young archers at the Vedanta ESL Archery Academy. More than 60 players participated in this tournament, showing their various skills on the court. The tournament was divided into three age categories: under 9, under 14 and under 17. Archers from Vedanta ESL Archery Academy, SAIL Day Boarding, KGBV Chandankiyari and High School Chandankiyari competed in various categories. The sporting event was honored by Markash Hembrom (DSO, Bokaro), Anil Kumar (President, Bokaro District Archery Association), Subhas Rajak (Senior Manager, SAIL) as well as the coaches and families of the participating players. The inaugural speech was delivered by the event’s main guest, Ashish Gupta (CEO, ESL) who addressed the crowd saying, “You always have to play to win. If you think winning and losing are the same, then you’re not giving the game 100%.” He kicked off the event by shooting the first arrow at the target.

The awards ceremony was honored by ESL COO, Ravish Sharma, who emphasized the importance of teamwork, whether in sport or in life. He also touched on the aspects of staying focused on goals and working hard to achieve them. Vedanta ESL Archery Academy won 36 medals, Day Boarding Chandankiyari 23 medals, KGBV Chandankiyari 8 medals, SAIL Day Boarding and High School Chandankiyari 4 medals each. ESL Archery Academy was declared the overall champion while Day Boarding Chandankiyari, who picked up the award last year, became runner-up this time around. It should be noted that ESL Steel Limited’s initiatives boost morale within the community and encourage community members to come forward and participate. Such events, part of Vedanta ESL’s CSR programs, aim to succeed in bringing people together and honoring the local talent that the state of Jharkhand has to offer.