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Defeat Target Panic by Understanding Your Bow – Part 2

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 2, 2021


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Defeat Target Panic by Understanding Your Bow – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I covered how to improve your shot by hitting the target, agreeing with certain moves, and explaining how those can increase your accuracy. Part 2 will cover the physical changes you can make to increase your accuracy to avoid Target Panic and the bad habits that come with it. Some of these ideas may require you to make a purchase; However, most just require you to think about how you are doing things. As mentioned earlier, good form and self-confidence fights the anxiety and worry which causes the target to panic. Knowing that you are doing everything in the best way can certainly help keep your nerves calm and achieve a flawless shot in competition, on a monster bull or on the west.

Change your version

Much of the cause of my personal target’s panic was my release, my familiarity with my release, and how I would execute my shot. As mentioned before, throughout my youth I slowly became an expert at pulling the trigger just when I thought I needed it. Sometimes I would travel up or down through my target and try to time my punch on the trigger just and sometimes I would try to stop by stretching my body just long enough to shoot the target. . These two “techniques” made me develop a horrible habit. Not only did it become a habitat to pull the trigger on my caliper, but I also subconsciously learned exactly how much pressure it took to release my calipers and send my arrow flying exactly when I thought I wanted to.

Conquer the target by understanding your bow - Part 2

Again, I had some success, but, also, I was never able to be as precise as I wanted and I was constantly overwhelmed. If you find yourself doing this, a very easy way to fix this is to change your current version or get a new one. Change the Allen screw on your trigger to fire under a different pressure or use a hinged trigger that maybe just surprises you with the ticket that allows the shot to fire naturally and increase your accuracy.

Have the bow set up for you

Another issue you might have that affects your shot placement, increases your anxiety, and ultimately gives you target panic is a misconfigured bow. For much of my life, I thought I could set up my own bow, sight, peep, loops, etc. and I did a good job. It wasn’t until I gained more experience and worked with great bow technicians that I realized I was hurting myself because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. My gaze was too small or too large for the case of my bow. I used pins that were too big and gained too much light to be blurry or pins that were too small and I saw double. My peep was slightly too high or too low where I needed to dip my nose or actively try to center my case with each shot. And the list goes on and on. Ultimately, you should draw your bow and naturally everything should be in the right place. Then you should be able to look through your peep and clearly see your pins and clearly see your target at the same time. If that doesn’t happen, go to your local, reputable bow shop and ask them to help you get things perfect. If you need to make corrections to the way you look at something, or have trouble focusing on the pin or target, you could be inaccurate, which could lead to target panic.

Your membership matters

Another issue you might have that leads you to inconsistent shots and eventually target panic is your grip. If you are new to archery this may not be common knowledge; however, you shouldn’t just take and tighten the handle on a bow. If you do this, the muscles in your hand will actually create torque which can affect your shot and project your arrow in slightly different flight paths with each shot. There is a wrinkle in each person’s hand that begins in the wrists and goes up between the index finger and the thumb. The main key to a successful grip is to keep the grip of the bow on the thumb side of that line so that your bow does not hit the two main muscles in the hand. Then you want to grip the arc loosely, remembering that the most important thing is consistency. There are a lot of different ways to grab a bow; However, as long as you don’t hit the handle with both muscles and still do it the same way, you’ll be fine. Some people are known to put duct tape, glue, or other guides on their bow grip in order to consistently hold it the same way.

Defeat Target Panic by Understanding Your Bow - Part 2

There are a plethora of other issues that can affect your accuracy, which can lead to lack of accuracy, confidence, and possibly targeted panic. Some of them are poorly weighted arrows, old bowstrings, bad bow tune, too much or little draw weight and the list goes on and on. A good archery shop is a great resource to help you get started with a new bow and also help you get accurate. If you are just starting to shoot your bow, make sure they help you pick the right bow, start with the right form, and you avoid developing bad habits that can lead to target panic. If you’ve been shooting for years, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for advice on things that might go wrong. Overall, the goal of every archer is to be precise and confident on every shot, so make a few changes and break down some bad habits in order to get there.

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