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Deer hunters smile at local weigh stations

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 18, 2021


OTTER VALLEY UNION High school senior Collin Blier shows off the 5 point deer he killed just before sunset Monday at his grandfather’s farm in New Haven at the start of the white-tailed deer hunting season in Vermont. Local hunters got off to a quick start this weekend.
Independent photo / Andy Kirkaldy

ADDISON COUNTY – Once again, deer hunters in the area appear to have started successfully in 2021, although it appears they may not be in a position to establish a record annual harvest for the fourth consecutive season.

As of Monday, hunters had taken 595 deer to weigh at the seven Addison County wildlife reporting stations.

That number includes $ 203 taken last Saturday and Sunday, the opening weekend of the state’s 16-day shooting season; 121 killed during the Youth and Novice Hunting Weekend on October 23-24, the second highest local total on record; 202 deer killed in the first part of the bow season (October 1 to November 12); and 67 catches in the first part of the muzzleloading season (October 28-31).

The last 14 days of the archery season (which ends November 28), the muzzleloader season which runs from December 4-12, and the rest of the season have yet to be added to the county total. the archery season, which runs from November 29 to December 15.

In the previous highest overall seasons, 2020 and 2019, the opening weekends of the rifle season saw 146 and 276 deer slaughtered, respectively. Therefore, it’s hard to predict how this season will play out, but 2021 could be somewhere between the middle and the high when you consider the total number of deer killed in each of the past five falls. Here is a table Independent compiled over the past five years:

  • In 2020, 1,745 deer (647 rifles, 105 youth / novices, 528 archery, 464 muzzleloading weapons).
  • In 2019, 1,324 deer (594 rifles, 142 young, 258 archery, 330 muzzle-loading).
  • In 2018, 1,345 deer (571 rifles, 110 young, 274 bows, 390 muzzle-loading).
  • In 2017, 1,189 deer (554 rifles, 110 juveniles, 161 bows, 264 muzzle-loading).
  • In 2016, 1,064 roe deer (573 rifles, 94 juveniles, 206 archery, 191 muzzle-loading).

Officials from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife said they were not surprised to see the number of archery fires drop this year. In an email last week, F&W Deer project leader Nick Fortin explained what was going on, highlighting the weather and the food supply.

“Archery and the start of the muzzleloading season will be significantly down from 2020. Part of that is likely pandemic (fewer hunters with less free time), but the warm weather and abundant fall foods (apples, acorns, beechnuts) didn’t help Either. The deer didn’t want to move and they didn’t have to, ”Fortin wrote.

Operators of local weighing stations also noted that the pace picked up later in the archery season after the first frost.

The Independent will be posting full results from Youth Hunting Weekend, Archery and Muzzleloading next week.

Four dollars supported on the opening weekend of the rifle season weighed over 200 pounds. Kyleigh Dubois shot Addison the biggest and took him to West Addison’s general store to be weighed, a six-pointer that tipped the scales at 240 pounds.

The New Haven Rack ‘N Reel managed the next two biggest dollars, both with impressive wood racks and both shot at Waltham: a 235-pound, 10-point that Dylan Barrows dropped, and a 220-pound, 8 pointers that Kelly Kayhart killed.

Aaron Paquette shot down a 201-pound 7-pointer in Ripton who was weighted at Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury.

The other weigh stations are Buxton’s Store in Orwell, Lincoln General Store, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol and C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury.

Hunters who made it through opening weekend and weighed in dollars at these stations, listed by City of Kill and Pounds and Points, were:


Dylan Barrows, Waltham, 235-10; Kelly Kayhart, Waltham, 220-8; Silas Shepard, Lincoln, 196-5; Matthew DeBlois, Ferrisburgh, 191-8; George Roy, Monkton, 191-8; Nicholas Bushell, Charlotte, 185-4; Dale Bushey, Addison, 182-5; Jerad Gorton, New Haven, 181-8; Thomas Murphy, Granville, 180-8; Mason Livingston, New Haven, 179-10; Mercedes Duval, Ferrisburgh, 178-8; and Daniel Bourgeois, Hinesburg, 177-5.

Also, Dean Ouellette, Weybridge, 175-8; Tyler Utter, Bolton, 175-7; Lonie Parker, Ferrisburgh, 173-7; Abigail St. George, Charlotte, 168-7; Robert Karzmarczyk, Ferrisburgh, 167-6; Randall Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 167-8; Kerry Myers, Bristol, 163-4; James Bahrenberg, Ferrisburgh, 163-11; Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 163-10; Kyle Heck, Bristol, 163-8; Glenn Ash, New Haven, 162-7; and Conrad Marsano, Warren, 161-9.

JOE FORTUNE BROUGHT this 132-pound, 6-point buck to the New Haven Rack ‘n Reel for weighing on Tuesday. This deer, shot near Kingsland Bay in Ferrisburgh, was Fortune’s first buck in six years.
Independent photo / Andy Kirkaldy

Also, Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 157-7; Meagan Porter, New Haven, 157-5; Ronald Gorton, New Haven, 156-8; Johnathan Hill, Bristol, 155-7; Paul Snyder, Addison, 155-7; Sidney Barbour, Ripton, 153-6; Brett Danyow, Ferrisburgh, 152-6; Riley Coffey, Monkton, 151-8; Christopher Bessette, Ferrisburgh, 150-7; Michael Hurlburt, Monkton, 149-6; Kivlen Benjamin, Bristol, 147-6; and Christopher Hansen, Monkton, 147-8.

Also, Matthew Gordon, New Haven, 144-4; David Bahrenburg, Ferrisburgh, 143-5; Kevin Alexander, Monkton, 141-4; Maxwell Flynn, New Haven, 140-4; Peter Fuller, Middlebury, 140-4; Robert Clark, Bristol, 140-2; Patrick Murphy, Waltham, 139-6; Ashtin Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 138-6; Nathan Bourgeois, Charlotte, 138-6; Derrick St. George, Charlotte, 138-9; Alexis Lathrop, Middlebury, 137-7; and Elijah Duprey, Waltham, 135-3.

Also, Kimberly Kayhart, New Haven, 135-6; Michael Forbes, Bristol, 135-4; Kyle Armell, Charlotte, 134-4; Daren Muzzy, Ferrisburgh, 132-5; Richard Ambrose, Ferrisburgh, 132-5; Scott Bell, Hinesburg, 132-4; Paul Wildasin, Waltham, 130-4; Taylor Bessette, Monkton, 130-4; Michael Lucier, Ferrisburgh, 130-4; Travis White, New Haven, 128-5; Sean Dike Ferrisburgh, 127-5; and Lucas Smith, New Haven, 125-7.

Also, Michele Sullivan, Salisbury, 124-3; Christopher Haines, Monkton, 124-4; Matthew Hunter, Hinesburg, 121-6; Kenneth Perine, Middlebury, 121-2; James O’Brien, Ferrisburgh, 120-6; Joseph Dragon, Ripton, 119-6; Geoffrey Grant, Panton, 119-6; Ryan Thomas-Danyow, Ferrisburgh, 118-6; Davin Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 118-6; Shawn Freegard, Weybridge, 116-3; Matthew Chandler, Richmond, 114-2; and Chase Stokes, Starksboro, 106-5.

Also, Michael Poirier, Richmond, 105-2; Joshua Cyr, New Haven, 104-4; Jérôme Robinson, Bridport, 104-3; John Campbell, Addison, 102-4; Michael Freegard, Goshen, 98-2; Michael Hinsdale, Ferrisburgh, 95-6; Colby Trudeau, Lincoln, 84-2; and John Pickering, Lincoln, 83-4.


Aaron Paquette, Ripton, 201-7; Karl Kelton, Cornwall, 166-7; James Gorton, Middlebury, 165-6; Levi Doria, Ripton, 165-5; Scott Bouton, Middlebury, 164-7; Matthew Cram, Leicester, 160-8; Pierre Laroche, Weybridge, 159-5; Richard Cota, Bridport, 155-6; Kyle Wagner, Bristol, 155-8; and Stephen White, Middlebury.

Also, Philip Cyr, Bridport, 150-7; Harry Mosely, Ripton, 143-7; Colin Clohessy, Ripton, 135-6; Tim Davis, Whiting, 132-6; Lori Brown, Middlebury, 127-3; Kegan Brown, Ripton, 125-2; Tyler Bougor, Middlebury, 125-4; Jordan Broughton, Weybridge, 125-4; William Freegard, Starksboro, 125-2; and Marc McDonough, Ripton, 125-2.

Also, Patrick Whitley, Bridport, 120-5; Jeffrey Smith, Weybridge, 118-6; David Booska, Bristol, 118-4; Diana Pratt-Raymond, Middlebury, 115-3; Savannah Mitchell, Leicester, 114-4; Alfred Pockette, Salisbury, 107-4; Ashley Plantier, Goshen, 105-4; Thatcher Trudeau, Salisbury, 101-4; and Andrew Filion, Salisbury, 100-2.


Hayden Martin, Bridport, 140-4; Trenton Booska, Orwell, 149-8; Dylan Stowe, Orwell, 144-6; Hayden Martin, Bridport, 140-4; Connor Samler, Cornwall, 157-5; Louis Hall, Orwell, 140-7; Wayne Simon, Shoreham, 154-8; Eric Leno, Whiting, 125-5; Wyatt Stearns, Shoreham, 145-4; Wyatt Fourby, Orwell, 140-6; Caleb Wilcox, Orwell, 185-8; and Wyatt Casanelli, Orwell, 168-4.

Also, Doug New, Sudbury, 119-3; Jarod Wilcox, Hubbardton, 135-7; Dan Deforges, Benson, 136-4; John Steffan, Shoreham, 173-7; David Fletcher, Sudbury, 165-6; Laura Ellis, West Haven, 152-7; Ed Bell, Orwell, 160-7; Jacob Clifford, Orwell, 140-8; Brian Barber, Shoreham, 185-8; Alex Wigginton, Orwell, 158-4; Jeremy Audet, Orwell, 145-6; and Brian Wilson, Orwell, 155-9.

Also, Brian Ketcham, Sudbury, 175-8; Kevin Brown, Orwell, 120-6; James Hanson, Hubbardton, 160-7; Alayna Bruno, West Haven, 170-7; Evelyn Palmer, Orwell, 170-5; Jeff Williams, Whiting, 147-8; Tom Williams, Whiting, 137-4; Silas Myrick, Bridport, 190-7; Phil Wagner, Bridport, 128-3; Jeremy Quenneville, Orwell, 134-4; Casey Barry, Bridport, 142-7; and Adam Sears, Sudbury, 167-7.

Also, Carol Quenneville, Whiting, 140-4; Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 110-3; Steve Rhéaume, Bridport, 145-6; Bob Almeida, Orwell, 186-7; Bret Williams, Sudbury, 115-5; Brodie New, Sudbury, 130-6; Levi Booska, Orwell, 145-3; André Fletcher, Orwell, 170-8; Cory Steady, Cornwall, 142-4; Steve Senesac, Orwell, 176-7; and Dominic Cillo, Hubbardton, 115-7.


Travis Manning, New Haven, 110-4; Brett Combs, Lincoln, 125-4; Nathan Perry, Starksboro, 180-10; Nathaniel Reynolds, New Haven, 181-8; Adam Whitcomb, Bristol, 147-7; Carolyn Brown, Lincoln, 169-7; Victor Atkins, Starksboro, 179-7; and Joseph Hagan, Lincoln, 141-3.

Also, John Peck, Ripton, 128-2; Jody Atkins, Bristol, 158-8; Adam Donnelly, Lincoln, 116-2; Peter Moyer, Starksboro, 140-6; Bradley Thompson, Monkton, 154-8; Sarah Acker, Lincoln, 157-7; Justin Huizenga, Monkton, 141-7; and Margo Casco, Lincoln, 131-2.


Eli Cyrs, Ferrisburgh, 125-5; Gary Grant, Bridport, 122-5; Kenneth Sullivan, Panton, 145-5; Quinton Brown, Shoreham, 160-9; Kyleigh DuBois, Addison, 240-6; Christian Leggett, Cornwall, 150-8; Carter Leggett, Bridport, 140-7; and Andrew Nolan, Addison, 135-7.

Also, Sully Andrews, Shoreham, 115-6; Chris Mulliss, Addison, 137-4; Richard Roorda, Addison, 140-4; Wendy Mason, Shoreham, 150-5; Aiden Putman, Panton, 140-3; Chris Bingham, Middlebury, 120-4; William Veldman, Addison, 100-3; and Chrisopher Payne, Bridport, 15-6.


Cory Newton, Ripton, 136-4; Peter Mackey, Ripton, 166-8; Richard Miller, Middlebury, 146-4; Nolan Warner, Middlebury, 156-4; Donald Brown, Ripton, 125-4; Douglas Butler, Middlebury, 153-4; and Jill Butler, Middlebury, 139-4.


Tina Thompson, Bristol, 163-7; Martin Landon, Weybridge, 120-5; Rick Marcelle, Monkton, 112-3; Larry Marcelle, Bristol, 122-4; Timothée Bouvier, Waltham, 159-7; Pamela Lathrop, Starksboro, 146-7; Kyle Bartlett, Bristol, 127 spikehorn; and Matthew Hecklinger, Monkton, 135-6.