• Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Columbia Christian Students Participate in National Archery Event | School sports

ByMary M. Ward

Jul 4, 2022

Two students from Columbia Christian School competed in the final in-person National Level Tournament of 2022 for the National Schools Archery Program.

The Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville brought together 2,300 archers from 31 states competing in the Open Championship Tournament in both Bullseye and the NASP IBO 3-D Challenge competition.

In the bullseye competition, Victoria Allison scored 275 with 11 tens. She ranked 118 out of 393 high school girls, 33 out of 103 11th grade girls, and 199 out of 1,104 girls overall.

In the IBO 3D Championship, Allison scored 281 with 18 tens. She was 25 out of 152 high school girls, 6 out of 33 grade 11 girls, and 46 out of 551 girls overall.

Sam Williams had a score of 253, including 4 tens. He was 138 out of 175 high school boys, 40 out of 53 Grade 9 boys, and 312 out of 587 boys overall.

This year’s Open Championship event featured a bullseye competition with 2,202 archers from 31 states demonstrating their archery skills by shooting an 80cm target face.

The NASP awarded 15 scholarships of $500 to randomly selected student archers at the end of each flight throughout the bullseye competition. At the start of the awards ceremony, a penalty shootout also took place with the top 5 male and female archers overall. These top student archers qualified through the combined results of the Western and Eastern National tournaments.

Winners of each gender took home: 1st place $5,000, 2nd place $4,000, 3rd place $3,000, 4th place $2,000 and 5th place $1,000; all qualifiers were guaranteed $1,000.