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Bid committee recommends boost for football group | Community

ByMary M. Ward

Jun 18, 2022

The Yankton Youth Soccer Association (YYSA) may be on the verge of getting another financial boost as they work to complete the First Dakota Soccer Complex.

At a Business Improvement District (BID) No. 1 board meeting on Friday, the board voted to recommend a financial package to help YYSA with infrastructure at the football park site on the former grounds of the social services center. The recommended package included $75,000 up front from the council fund and $50,000 over the following 10 years.

This package is pending approval from the Yankton City Commission.

Wes Chambers and Sondra Jensen of YYSA were both present at Friday’s meeting to give the board an overview of the club’s history on the site and to ask for help.

“We see this as an investment in infrastructure,” he said. “If you’ve been to our resort, basically there’s a lot of green space. We don’t even have running water there today. No bathroom – it’s all Port-A-Potties, and it’s not a great property.

However, he said that hasn’t stopped YYSA from building a strong program.

“We have one of the best programs in the state of South Dakota,” he said. “We have 800 children in the program. We organize regional tournaments — three tournaments a year. We generate a ton of economic impact.

Jensen described this impact as very significant for the Yankton community.

“To date, we are at $28 million in economic impact for our community,” she said. “We’re just ridiculously proud of that.”

Chambers said YYSA is seeking a total investment of $250,000 from the IDB fund.

“We have big tournaments today,” he said. “We can have even better tournaments with a bigger footprint. We’re going to have better facilities, we’re going to have bathrooms for people and a concession stand, which we don’t even have today.

Dan Specht was ambivalent about the amount originally requested.

“I think the $250,000 is tough because it’s beyond what we have, and we’re only bringing in another $12,000-13,000 a year. It doesn’t restore very well.

Documents distributed at Friday’s meeting showed $176,555.95 available to allocate.

Rob Stephenson said there were ways it could be possible.

“We look at the numbers and we could make $100,000, $125,000 or $150,000 from our (fund), and make $8,000-10,000 a year for 10-12 years and meet their request for $250,000. “, did he declare. “I just don’t know how prepared we want to be if (someone else) has a significant need.”

Bruce Cull moved a motion to recommend giving $125,000 of board funds to YYSA upfront and settling the remainder at a later date. However, the motion died for lack of a second.

Steve Slowey said he would like to see a lower amount.

“I think we should go below $100,000,” he said. “We should have $100,000 in our account here all the time.”

Stephenson moved a motion to recommend a donation of $75,000 with an additional $50,000 over 10 years after. The motion passed unanimously.

The recommendation will be presented to the municipal commission in the coming weeks.

In other cases, the BID Board:

• Approved a request for $7,200 from the National Field Archery Association.

• Heard an update from Yankton Thrive on tourism efforts.

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