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Best Broad Tips for Whitetail Deer

ByMary M. Ward

Nov 3, 2022

One of the most debated topics revolves around the best types of broadheads to use for America’s favorite big game animal, white-tailed deer. You’ll hear people talking about the penetrating power of fixed blades, but you’ll immediately hear a rebuttal about their inconsistent accuracy. Some will tell you that mechanicals are the way to go, but how many blades? Of them? Three? Maybe even four? And if you’re using mechanics, aren’t you sacrificing durability with those flimsy mechanical blades? If so, isn’t the best option a hybrid?

As you can see, selecting broadheads can get quite overwhelming. As with most things, there are pros and cons to fixed, mechanical, and hybrid blades. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable filming and where you see your success coming from. For this reason, I’ve tested several fixed and mechanical points over the years, and will list my top three picks for both categories, as well as my top two picks for crossbow hunters who might be confused about which heads to choose. they should use. .

Fixed blade wide heads

Best Whitetail Fixed Blade Broadhead


QAD Exodus – Cabela’s, $49.99

The 2021 deer season was the first time I tried QAD’s Exodus broadhead. A local archery shop owner sent them to me saying I would never go back to anything after trying them. Even though it was a bit over the top, I was still extremely impressed. The strength of these heads was pretty incredible, and the accuracy was surprisingly good for a fixed blade.

I was able to harvest an early season doe with that head and hit her squarely in the shoulder on a quarter shot. This head went through the bone with no problem and left a trail of blood that you would expect from a large mechanic. At under $50 for a 3-pack, it’s hard to go wrong with the Exodus.

Best Single Bevel Design Broadhead

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail

Will of iron

Iron Will Single Bevel, $119.95

The hype around this broadhead is quite extraordinary, so I had to give it a shot. What I liked the most about this wide tip is the thickness of the blades, as well as the quality of the metal used. Iron Will designed these broad spikes to be used for years, even after multiple harvests, and it’s pretty impressive.

These are single bevel heads, which may put some people off. However, this design allows the arrow and head to maintain rotation upon impact, allowing it to pierce even the toughest bones while maintaining its structural integrity. These broadheads aren’t cheap, selling for $120 for a 3-pack, but if you amortize that over multiple seasons due to their longevity, that price won’t hurt as much.

Broadhead Whitetail based on best value

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail


Magnus Stinger – Cabelas. $39.99

A good hunting friend of mine couldn’t go hunting with me without telling me how great his Magnus Stinger hunting heads were. Out of sheer annoyance, I decided to try them. The knife-grade steel blades were extremely durable, and it showed right out of the box.

This head features two bleeders on the side for added trauma, as well as a cutting diameter of 1 1/16″, which is pretty impressive for a fixed blade. While the company claims they are all spin tested , I still found myself having to make some moderate adjustments to get them flying straight, but that’s to be expected with fixed blades.

Mechanical Broadheads

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail


Rabies Hypodermic NC – Cabela’s, $54.99

The rage has taken some heat in the past couple of years for broken collars and unreliable blade expansion. However, I think they fixed that with their NC model of the hypodermics. The slipcam design of this two-blade blade makes deployment extremely reliable, while delivering a 2″ cutting diameter. As far as the mechanics go, they’re hard to beat.

Best White Tail-specific mechanical broadhead

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail

Bass Pro Shops

Grim Reaper Whitetail – Cabela’s, $49.99

When Grim Reaper came out with their “Whitetail” model, I knew I had to try it. As the name suggests, this thing was designed for use in whitetail deer antlers. Keep in mind this head was specifically designed for high kinetic bows, but on my 60lb draw weight it performed perfectly and shot like a field tip. With three 0.035″ thick blades, this head has a cutting diameter of 2″, but upon impact you’ll be convinced it’s bigger. All three blades are relatively in line with the tip, and because of this, they fly very close to a field tip, so tuning shouldn’t be a problem. These heads retail for $50 for a three-pack and include a practice head, which I wish more broadhead manufacturers would take note of.

Best Broadhead Whitetail with a Collar

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail


G5 Megameat – Cabela’s, $49.99

I’ve never been a fan of large head collars, but the Megameat G5 snap collar turned out to be an exception to the rule. For one, the collars are easily replaceable, so there’s no stress practicing with the real thing, and that’s something I suggest to everyone. Second, they’re made from a durable plastic that won’t break from temperature swings like some of their competitors. Combining this with the strong chisel tips, 3-blade expansion creating a 2″ wound, and reliable deployment, this is a great option for any bow hunter who prefers the precision of mechanics. At $50 for a 3-pack, G5 has set an excellent standard for the mechanical market.

Crossbow tips

Best High Velocity Crossbow Broadhead For Whitetails

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail


Excalibur Pioneer

Some hunters may be confused and feel inclined to use a regular broadhead for their crossbow. This can be a big mistake, as you will want something compatible with your bolt, as well as the velocity generated by the crossbow. Luckily, Excalibur’s Trailblazer has just that. The independent blade extension is designed for arcs with speeds over 500 fps, so it’s a great head. The sturdy aluminum ferrule is impressive and something that should be seen on all heads, along with the durable chisel tip for those blows that need to penetrate bone. This head creates a cutting diameter of 2″. Trailblazers currently sell for $50 for a 3 pack.

The toughest choice for crossbow broadheads

Best Wide Spikes for Whitetail


Arc X Slick Trick

For crossbow hunters interested in the toughness and durability of a fixed blade, Slick Trick’s XBow was very impressive. Accuracy was extremely surprising for a 4-blade head, and the weight of the head was specifically designed for the shorter lengths of crossbow bolts, increasing that beloved FOC. Slick Trick is known for its Alcatraz blade locking system, which is featured in this head to give it maximum reliability, as well as sturdiness. The XBow has a 1-1/8th inch cutting diameter, which is respectable for a fixed blade. These heads retail for $45 for a 4-pack, which is a great price for the market.

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