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Barnsley’s Parkside plans stamped

ByMary M. Ward

Feb 9, 2022

As part of Hoyland’s master plan, which will see 1,116 new homes, a new primary school and the Hermes Hub under construction, Rockingham’s sports facilities will be relocated.

A report reviewed by the cabinet at today’s (9 February) meeting states: “The Rockingham Sports Ground is currently held under lease by the Forge Community Partnership for a term of 25 years from from April 1, 2010.

“As a result, the sale of the Council land will require the relocation of the sports facilities, sports field users and community hall to alternative land in the Hoyland area, as well as a two-phase disposal of the existing lease. interest by Forge.

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As part of Hoyland’s master plan, which will see 1,116 new homes, a new primary school and the Hermes Hub under construction, Rockingham’s sports facilities will be relocated.

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Cabinet approved the £1.16million to fund the construction of a new pavilion at Parkside to make up for the loss of facilities at Rockingham.

The cost should be recovered from future contributions S106.

Approval was also given for the submission of a joint bid with the Forge Partnership to the Football Foundation for the supply of an artificial turf pitch, in the region of £700,000.

“Forge will require a replacement building following the second and final assignment of its leasehold interest in the Rockingham Sports Ground,” the report added.

“As a result, it is proposed to fund the construction of a new pavilion on the Parkside site. This should avoid having to provide a temporary building in the first place.

The new Parkside sports ground will span four hectares and the site will be “designed to be highly energy efficient and fossil fuel free”.

The new building will be “necessary to serve sporting activities on the site” such as football, archery and outdoor exercise, as well as health and community uses.

Councilor Chris Lamb, the cabinet’s environment and transport spokesman, told the meeting that the Rockingham center is “a very important community facility, and I think it is fair and appropriate to replace it “.

Earl Lamb added that the new sports center will be designed in such a way that it can be expanded in the future.

Councilor Jim Andrews BEM, Deputy Leader of Council and Ward Member of Rockingham, said the scheme was ‘really, really good for Hoyland Common’.

Councilor Andrews added: “Not only will it accommodate a football pitch, which will be an artificial turf pitch, but it looks like it will also accommodate another full-sized pitch, plus a junior pitch, as well as space for archery.

“The Rockingham Cricket Club will remain there while their situation is resolved.”

Last April, BMBC denied breaching a pact protecting the Rockingham Sports Ground, which stated that the ground could only “be used for sports and recreation”.

Mark Goodison, founder of campaign group ‘Save Hoyland’, said in April 2021 that a planning application from 1990 ‘shows clear lines around Rockingham and Parkside which cannot be used as the land has been offered to local miners by the Earl of Wentworth”.

He said: ‘Barnsley council know they cannot breach the covenant which is why they are selling Rockingham back to Wentworth hoping they can remove the covenant but failing to tell residents they are trying to withdraw their legal right to use Rockingham granted to them and the premises. minors in perpetuity by the Earl of Wentworth.

However, a council spokesman denied that was the case.

They add that the council has agreed that the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation can purchase the land where the sports field is located.

The spokesperson added: ‘The purchase of the land would take place in two separate phases and would require the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation to obtain planning permission to develop its adjoining land into warehouse and office space.

“While use of the Rockingham Sports Ground is currently limited to leisure and recreation, this does not mean that it cannot be extended or removed by the party in charge of the engagement – ​​in this case the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation More importantly, as treaty holders, they were included in the discussions and accepted the proposal.

“It is important to note that the council worked with the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation, the developer and the Forge Community Partnership.”