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ADIHEX builds bridges between local heritage and foreign cultures

ByMary M. Ward

Oct 3, 2021

Falcon Day at ADIHEX.

Muhammad Yusuf, story writer

The 18th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Riding Show (ADIHEX) 2021 has been launched (September 27 – October 3).

The Arts and Crafts section of ADIHEX features works of art made by talented Emirati, Arab and foreign artists. The platform has provided a real opportunity for art creators to connect with art enthusiasts who are fond of arts related to cultural heritage.

Arts and Crafts is one of the important sections of the annual event and offers galleries dedicated to local and international artists. They bring together creators from different continents and have sparked enthusiastic artistic participation with paintings, sculptures, photographs, ornaments and crafts.

Based on this year’s theme, “Sustainability and Heritage: A Renaissance Aspiration,” participants produced works of art and paintings that impressed many collectors and inspired future artists. ADIHEX wanted the art industry to be strongly represented in the exhibition.


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Several women artists enthusiastically participated for the first time and excelled in the event. They said ADIHEX was a new experience for them, giving them a lot of exposure, helping them gain experience and allowing them to learn new techniques from other artists.

ADIHEX has also helped them network and connect with other artists, which will guide them to explore new approaches in the future.

Ebdaa Al Hammadi, exhibiting for the third time at ADIHEX, said it is the right platform for budding artists to connect and learn from others. “We are proud that our country supports us in developing our skills and offers an excellent platform,” she said.

culture 11 Target objective at ADIHEX.

Abu Dhabi-based watercolorist Thuraya Al Hosani exhibited her work for the first time in the program. She spoke about her favorite piece of art, “Doctor”, which is close to her heart. Created during the pandemic, the work is dedicated to the frontline warriors saving the nation.

Mona Al Ghassani spent time bonding with her son Saif Ahmed Al Obaidli, around an art collection. She is an artist who encourages her son to explore his photography skills. The Emirati mother was proud of him. It was Saif’s first ADIHEX exhibition.

He was overwhelmed by the experience and shared his feelings. He said: “I have been doing photography since 2014; passion relaxes me a lot. Photography is my life, and ADIHEX is the right place for anyone to see and connect with other works.

“It’s a great platform for any artist, and I’m grateful that my country supports us in all ways. My mom was the backbone for me in learning this art, and I learned a lot from her; we are participating together this year, which is an unforgettable experience. These are therefore special moments that ADIHEX creates for us.

Traditional Japanese falconry is a bridge for cultural exchange between the UAE and Japan. Tomomi Yoshida, representative of the Japanese pavilion, said that “ADIHEX is a great platform to connect and present our culture to visitors to the UAE. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, our falconers were unable to participate this time around.

“But we do various activities such as Yabusame (archery on horseback), Chado (tea ceremony), Wadaiko (drums), Koto & Nikon (zither and harp) and judo.” In addition, Matcha green tea and Ikebana (floral art) are also in the spotlight.

ADIHEX 2021 celebrates a deeply rooted culture and traditions. It is the only exhibition of its kind devoted to heritage and traditions, but also to art and sports.

For the first time, the event, which took place over a period of seven days, allowed visitors to discover and purchase the latest products and services in camping, hunting, equestrian and outdoor and marine sports.

In addition, live shows such as horse and sniffer dog shows, workshops, camel auctions, game arenas and plays are offered. International companies keen to promote hunting sports, the preservation of wildlife and the protection of the environment and wishing to gain an insight into the local culture, have always participated.

Handicrafts on display include hawk hoods, handmade knives and falconer perches and saddles. Public attractions include the Wings of Sahara bird show, camel and falcon auction, traditional Japanese archery, Saluki beauty show, and several informative workshops.

Women in Falconry is one of the main topics covered at the event. The UAE encourages women and girls to learn falconry, hunting and safari skills and techniques, and encourages them to participate in falconry competitions – just as has happened in equestrian sports and other traditional sports.

Its seven-day duration reflects the growing audience participation that ADIHEX attracts and its response to the aspirations of exhibitors in the 11 sectors that constitute the largest event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region.

Feras al Hussni, Managing Director of B360 Watch, a new exhibitor, said that “we create exceptional luxury watches with unique hand-painted designs that tell stories. As an exhibitor, it is an opportunity to develop its activities internationally, to obtain wide international media coverage.

“We receive several inquiries about Equusir Best Box, the innovative product from Equusir that maintains the physical health and durability of the horse over the long term and increases athletic performance. ADIHEX is the right place to meet potential buyers, and it’s easy to promote our brand to global audiences, ”says Dalia Qaragholi, Equusir sales representative.

ADIHEX hosts 640 exhibitors and brands from 44 countries, including 319 Emirati exhibitors.

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