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30 of the most legendary warriors in history – 24/7 Wall St.

ByMary M. Ward

May 3, 2022

The history of the world is largely a melodrama of war and conquest. Despite modern efforts to curb imperialism and resolve disputes through diplomatic means, the truth is that there has been After years of war than of peace in recorded history. These are the 20 longest wars in history.

Some wars have lasted for decades or even centuries, with decisive victories failing to materialize. As seen in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, a military force may not be successful when its troops are discouraged, disorganized and poorly supplied. The antidote to these shortcomings is often strong leadership.

Even when armies are drafted or forced to fight, they may be more willing to risk their lives for a leader who is adept at boosting morale and giving courage to his troops. History has seen many of these warriors inspire their forces to succeed in battle – or die trying. Here are 50 of the most decorated war heroes in American history.

To determine the greatest warriors in history, 24/7 Wall St. examined a list of famous warriors from different eras and parts of the world, compiled by Online biography. Warriors are listed in no particular order.

While most of these historical leaders were undoubtedly real people, a few achieved legendary status, and their stories have been wildly embellished by historians with a penchant for poetry. Others may be based on a real figure but are probably only mythological.

From every corner of the Earth, warlords emerged who united tribes and conquered others. A few – including Genghis Khan – have changed the course of history and left their mark on the demography of countless countries. Some ruled with terror, others with relentless diplomacy, and still others – including Joan of Arc – believed in their divine appointment and inspired their followers to fulfill their holy mission.

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