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10 characters who have always been supervised by the same person

ByMary M. Ward

Jan 3, 2022

There are so many characters in the Marvel Universe who have been underestimated, underestimated, and watched. With so many heroes and villains with so many skills and talents, there is nothing more frustrating for readers than seeing interesting characters fail to reach their full potential, or worse yet, go unnoticed by other characters.

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Whether due to ego, pride, or bad timing, many characters are overseen by others closer to them, which can remain part of the status quo or cause resentment between them. these two groups. Either way, the undervaluation of these characters cannot go unnoticed and could very well come to define them in future stories.

ten The new X-Men are overprotected by the X-Men

New X-Men Hellion X-23 Mercury

The mutant population has suffered so much in such a short time. In the 2000s, mutants made great strides in advancing the rights of mutants, but suffered various setbacks at the same time. First, the genocide of the mutant nation of Genosha, then M-Day, which left 98% of the mutant population powerless, leaving only around 200 active mutants on the planet.

As a result, the next generation of young mutants came under heavy scrutiny from the X-Men, who feared for their safety. So much so that they completely underestimated an incredibly talented generation that included Laura Kinney, Prodigy, and Mercury. A whole generation of mutants were overseen by adults who feared their species would be completely extinct.

9 Hawkeye deserves more respect from the Avengers

Hawkeye Clint Barton Avengers

Clint Barton joined the Avengers as a former criminal with an attitude problem but incredible archery skill. He remained a member of the Avengers for decades, even leading the West Coast Avengers for a short time. Therefore, he made history as a mainstay of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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But despite his long tenure on the team, Hawkeye was often overseen by the rest of the Avengers. Especially in the case of the new members, who only see him as an archer with no actual superpowers, Barton’s character, usefulness, and commitment to the team are often called into question, although he really is. one of the hearts and souls of the Avengers.

8 Cypher is the key to the Krakoan nation

Cypher Douglas Ramsey X-Men Krakoa

Douglas Ramsey is an incredibly powerful mutant on Krakoa with the mutant ability of omnilingual translation. Basically, Doug can understand, translate, and communicate with any language and language form, which makes him the perfect translator. This allowed her to bond with aliens, other life forms, and to form a unique bond with Krakoa, the mutant and sentient island nation.

But despite Douglas’ unique ability to bond with other lifeforms, it’s still safe to say he was given drab roles in the new sovereign nation of the X-Men. Where Douglas could be used to expand the X-Men’s connections to different parts of the world, even the galaxy, he’s too concerned with keeping Krakoa happy.

seven Darkhawk is a cult hero of the 90s

Dark Hawk Christopher Powell

Christopher Powell gained access to the Darkhawk amulet as a young man and became the hero known as Darkhawk in the 1990s. Vowing to use armor and technology to be an “advantage against crime” , Christopher would make friends in Spider-Man, the New Warriors, and even become a reserve member of the West Coast Avengers.

However, despite his power and crime-fighting ability, Darkhawk was rarely used by the West Coast Avengers. He later became a marginal character in the Marvel Universe. With someone who had so much experience and was one of the most interesting characters of the 1990s, surely Darkhawk deserved more visibility from the Avengers in the 21st century?

6 Wonder Man had a valid claim against the Avengers

Wonder Man Simon Williams Avengers

Simon Williams, the vigilante better known as Wonder Man, has lived a lifetime. Originally a villain who was manipulated by Baron Zemo and exposed to cosmic ion rays which gave him tremendous power, he turned his life around to become one of the most powerful Avengers in history. However, since leaving the Avengers, he’s entered a different school of thought. Because of this, he was completely fired by the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

After the events of M-Day, Simon came to believe that the Avengers had not sufficiently considered their own mistakes in handling certain events, such as the Superhuman Civil War and Wanda Maximoff’s nervous breakdown. He has come to resent the Avengers, even trying to attack them and stop them from functioning. While the Avengers took pity on him, they never tried to listen to what he said. Instead, they institutionalized him and treated him like any other villain.

5 Victoria Hand was not respected because of her time working with Norman Osborn

Victoria Hand Norman Osborn Dark Avengers

The rise of Victoria Hand in her field is somewhat incredible. Three years before the Secret Invasion, she was an accountant for SHIELD, which sent a long letter to Director Fury berating him and explaining how he was handling the War on Terror, which led to her being transferred to Portland, in Oregon. But once Norman Osborn took over and rebranded himself as HAMMER, he made Victoria his right-hand man, where she was incredibly skilled.

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Recognizing her skills and abilities, Steve Rogers kept her as a liaison with the New Avengers, but she was immediately deemed untrustworthy by the rest of the team due to her previous working relationship with Norman Osborn. Despite her interest in serving the team and helping Rogers’ Avengers, she was completely overseen by the Avengers, which resulted in several conflicts.

4 Namor was overseen by Captain America and the Surface World

Namor McKenzie Atlantis Avengers

Although he can be an aggressive and hot-tempered personality, Namor McKenzie, King of Atlantis, has ruled the Deep Sea for decades and has always been a fair and considerate ruler. He has always sought to defend the best interests of his people above all. However, he has dismissed the problems of the surface world on several occasions, criticizing his leaders for their handling of global climate disasters and other issues.

When seeking help on the surface, Namor usually turned to Captain America, one of his oldest friends, as both were part of the Invaders during WWII. But due to his loyalty to the Avengers, Captain America has always put the surface world first. He was often reckless towards Namor’s allegiance to Atlantis, which led to the king being seen as a threat and sometimes to conflicts on a larger scale.

3 Doctor Voodoo is just as capable as Doctor Strange

Doctor Voodoo Doctor Strange Jericho Drumm

Jericho Drumm was a wizard and powerful magic user from New Orleans, also known as Brother Voodoo, who earned high praise from Doctor Strange. Eventually, Jericho Drumm was granted the title of Supreme Earth Sorcerer after Doctor Strange was removed from his post.

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Brother Voodoo was very capable as a Sorcerer Supreme and even teamed up with the Avengers on several occasions. However, he eventually ceded the post to Strange. Since then, it seems the major superhero teams have been shortsighted in their use of Drumm’s abilities, as he’s certainly proven he deserves a place on the team and more recognition.

2 Absorbent man is an incredibly powerful villain

Absorbent Man Crusher Creel

Crusher Creel was given the magical power to absorb the qualities of everything he touched by the Asgardian god Loki, transforming him into the villain known as Absorbing Man. After allying with the Masters of Evil, the Deadly Legion, and the Serpent, the Absorbent Man has come face to face with some of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Universe.

It’s safe to say that Creel was underestimated by other villains in the Marvel Universe – usually reduced to the role of a henchman or a great distraction for the more cunning villains. Realistically, with the power he possesses, Creel could cause huge problems for the Avengers and the world at large, but only if he applied correctly and applied his unique set of abilities.

1 The demolition crew have the potential to be very real threats

Demolition team

The Wrecking Crew has a magical origin. They acquired their powers of strength and vulnerability through an enchanted crowbar of mystical proportions. As a result, Dirk Garthwaite and his team became the Wrecking Crew, which faced off against the Avengers, people like Thor, and many other groups in the Marvel Universe.

However, the demolition crew has been reduced to the role of glorified henchmen. They work as villains for pay and are often allied with Parker Robbins (the mercenary known as Hood), despite the Wrecking Crew being made up of a former physicist, a former military sergeant, and others. intelligent minds. The Demolition Team has been overseen by the Marvel Universe’s supervillain community and deserves its turn in the spotlight.

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